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Communication paves the way to mutual understanding, respect and trust, which is why the Episcopal Church fosters relationships with many different faith groups and organizations in the United States and around the world. We work to bridge the cultural gaps widened by 9/11 by strenthening our interfaith relations.

In communion with Anglican dioceses, ecumenical partners and other faith traditions around the world, we engage in diologue and share in worship and mission. Working together creates more opportunities to serve God and help others around the world.

Anglican Communion
One of 38 provinces throughout the world, The Episcopal Church participates in the Anglican Communion through hospitality, communications, education, financial support, and mission personnel.

Ecumenical and Inter-religious Relations
The Episcopal Church has a longstanding commitment to dialogue and conversation with other Christians and faith groups. We are committed to dialogue for the sake of full communion and common work and witness in the world.

The Episcopal Church fosters unity with our brothers and sisters among the separated branches of the church. Our partnerships with the many churches in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Middle East ensure our full participation as Episcopalians in the worldwide mission of the church.

Global Covenants
Episcopalians have been sharing the Gospel with people in the Americas and throughout the world, resulting in new churches, dioceses and even Provinces of the Anglican Communion. Churches in Brazil, Central America, Mexico, the Philippines and Liberia remain key partners long after their independence from the Episcopal Church.

Global Mission Networks and Organizations
Episcopalians across the church are engaged in mission at the local, diocesan, national and international levels through extensive networks of mission-focused organizations.


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