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Racial and Ethnic Justice

The Church is committed to confronting the root causes of racism and its elimination both in the Church and society. Through its National Anti-Racism Committee, it is encouraging dioceses to provide anti-racism training to leaders and congregations. The Church recognizes racism as a sin and supports legislation to study slavery. In addition, the Church asks all dioceses to study and record historical cases where they benefited from Transatlantic slavery. See how you can be engaged in this important work.

Working together for justice.


Racial and Ethnic Justice

1976-D036 Support Efforts by Church, Government and Business to End Apartheid
1979-B079 Develop Educational Resources on Hunger, Human Rights and Racism
1979-D079 Recommend That Members Reject Discrimination in Private Clubs
1979-D083 Support the Principle of Affirmative Action
1982-D078 Support Affirmative Action Programs Within the Church
1982-D124 Request the Committee on Social Responsibility in Investments to Continue Working to Eliminate Racism
1985-C049 Urge the Church to Emulate the Social Witness of the Church in South Africa
1985-C072 Pray for Peace in South Africa
1985-D059 Recommend That Church Institutions Deposit Funds in Minority Owned Banks
1985-D073 Mandate Divestment in Companies Doing Business in South Africa and Namibia
1988-B050 Adopt Statement on Diplomatic and Economic Sanctions Against South Africa
1988-B052 Endorse the Boycott Against International Oil Companies in South Africa
1988-D080 Urge Placement of Women and People of Color as Interim Pastors
1991-A082 Require Racial and Ethnic Representation on Interim Bodies
1991-A085 Instruct Interim Bodies to Examine Effects of Forms of Discrimination
1991-A090 Reduce Discrimination in Clergy Deployment
1991-A154 Call on Congress to Reinstate Sanctions Against South Africa
1991-A241 Approve the Episcopal Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Scholarship Fund
1991-B051 Call for the Removal of Racism from the Life of the Nation
1991-C022 Renew Commitment to Address Violence in Society
1991-D043 Urge Dioceses to Commit to Ending Racism
1991-D052 Urge Government of Japan to Uphold Minority Rights
1991-D113 Address Institutional Church Racism in the Next Three Triennia
1991-D122 Distinguish Between Criticism of Israeli Policy and Expression of Anti-Jewish Prejudice
1994-A045 Recruit and Retain People of Color in the Ordained Ministry
1994-B008 Observe World War II Anniversaries and Commit to Abolition of Racism and Nuclear War
1994-C008 Direct Dioceses to Ensure Participation of Hispanics in Leadership
1994-C020 Amend Canon I.17.5 [Of Regulations Respecting the Laity]
1994-D007 Amend Canon III.4.1 [Equal Access to Ordination Process]
1994-D132 Reject Racism Toward Immigrants and Request the Church to Respond
1997-A039 Reaffirm General Convention Resolutions on Racism
1997-D040 Support the National Commission to Combat Racism
2000-A047 Extend Anti-Racism Commitment for Another Nine Years
2000-B049 Require Anti-Racism Training
2000-C029 Urge Congress to Enact Hate Crimes Legislation
2000-C034 Increase Awareness of Social and Economic Problems of Farmers and Rural Areas
2000-D002 Appropriate Funds for the Single Parent/Mother Programs at Historically Black Colleges
2000-D024 Call on U.S. Government to Condemn All Forms of Caste-Based Discrimination
2003-A010 Continue Anti-Racism Program
2003-A111 Revise Title III Canons
2003-C015 Retain Ethnic Desks at Episcopal Church Center
2003-C029 Publish Official Church Documents in Spanish and French
2003-D077 Affirm Abhorrence of Racial Profiling and Violence
2006-A092 Applaud Anti-Racism Training
2006-A123 Study Economic Benefits Derived from Slavery
2006-A127 Endorse Restorative Justice and Anti-Racism
2006-B025 On the topic of anti-racism training
2006-C011 Support Legislation for Reparations for Slavery
2006-C045 Commend Leadership of the three Historically Black Colleges
EXC021985.27 Urge Christians to End Racism and Religious Bigotry
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC051988.08 Pledge Against Racism Toward Native Americans
EXC101995.34 Support for Affirmative Action

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