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Poverty and Hunger

Every day, Episcopalians address issues of poverty and hunger alleviation in multiple ways. It may be through Jubilee Ministries, advocacy for more Food Stamps or for Millennium Development Goal #1 – eradicate extreme poverty and hunger globally. Individuals, parishes, and dioceses use their voices against the injustices that result in poverty and hunger, while continuing to serve the poor and the vulnerable. Will you help end these devestating problems?

Working together for justice.

Poverty and Hunger

1979-B043 Urge Programs on World Land Reform and Food Production
1979-B079 Develop Educational Resources on Hunger, Human Rights and Racism
1979-C032 Recognize the Call to Urban Mission and Evangelism
1982-A080 Implement "The Jubilee Ministry" to Meet Basic Human Needs
1982-B039 Commend a Report on Global Economic Development and Security
1982-D109 Advocate Creation of Employment Opportunities on Indian Reservations
1985-A080 Call on the Government to Reorder Budget Priorities to Alleviate Hunger
1985-A081 Call on the Government to Increase Foreign Aid to Famine Areas
1985-A082 Affirm the Church's Response to Global Hunger
1985-A088 Encourage National and Congregational Support of Community Health Services
1985-A103 Reaffirm the Church's Central Mission of Ministry With the Poor and Oppressed
1985-A107 Develop Models of Advocacy for Justice for the Poor
1985-A108 Develop Opportunities for Episcopalians to Become Involved in Public Education
1985-B039 Express Mind of the House on Legislation for Early Childhood Programs
1985-D033 Work for Increases in Federal Aid to Poor Women and Children
1985-D127 Support Ministry to the Homeless Who Are Mentally Ill
1988-A116 Support Improvement of Public School Education
1988-C009 Request the Presiding Bishop to Appoint a Panel on the Sioux Nation
1988-D023 Encourage the Church to Work With the National Hunger Committee
1988-D143 Request Dioceses to Educate the Church on the Plight of the Poor
1988-D166 Urge Concern for Various Housing Issues
1991-C027 Support Funding for the Federal WIC Program
1991-D067 Recognize and Report on the Pauperization of Women and Children
1994-A082 Reaffirm the Model of Jubilee Ministry
1997-A050 Request Dioceses to Address the Effects of Welfare Reform
1997-D030 Challenge Congregations to Establish Direct Ministries to the Poor
2000-C006 Address Urbanization and Urban Mission in the U.S. and in the Anglican Communion
2003-A015 Reaffirm and Commend Jubilee Ministry to the Whole Church
2003-C030 Urge Legislation to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage
2003-D040 Reaffirm Commitment to Provide Affordable Housing for the Poor
2006-A010 Affirm "Call to Partnership" and Pursue Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
2006-D022 Establish the Millennium Development Goals as a Mission Priority
2009-A155 To Establish a Program for the Alleviation of Domestic Poverty
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC111998.23 US Urged to Pay Back Dues to the UN

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