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Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples

Episcopalian congregations strive to fully incorporate Native Americans into worship, leadership, and educational activites. Efforts to blend Native and Episcopalian traditions bring rich and varied services. The Church also encourages Native People to become leaders in their faith communities and is active in seeking government assistance for health care and other important services long promised – but not delivered - to Native Americans.

Working together for justice.

Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples

1976-D063 Support Native Indian Claims to Land in Canada
1982-A112 Urge an Evaluation of Strategy in Support of Indian Ministry
1982-D109 Advocate Creation of Employment Opportunities on Indian Reservations
1985-B007 Request Church-wide Advocacy of Indian Rights
1988-C007 Support the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
1988-C009 Request the Presiding Bishop to Appoint a Panel on the Sioux Nation
1991-A241 Approve the Episcopal Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Scholarship Fund
1991-C041 Urge Creation of Government Commission on the Rights of American Indians
1991-C069 Support Protection of Religious Freedom of Native Americans
1997-A034 Support and Fund the Indigenous Theological Training Institute
1997-A035 Designate a "Decade of Remembrance, Recognition, and Reconciliation"
1997-D053 Oppose Commercial Exploitation of Native American Symbols
2000-C012 Allocate Funding for Indigenous Theological Training Institute of North America
2003-C008 Reaffirm the "Decade of Remembrance, Recognition, and Reconciliation"
2006-D046 Reaffirm the Jamestown Covenant
2009-A146 Promoting Anglican Partnerships
2009-A147 Claiming our Identity and Promoting Anglican Partnerships
2009-A148 Doing Justice and Alleviating Poverty; Identity; Growing Congregations; Strenthening Governance and Foundations for Mission; Promoting Anglican Partnerships
2009-A149 Support for the Indigenous Theological Training Institute (ITTI)
2009-A150 Endorsement for the Oklahoma Consultation for Leaders in Indigenous Ministry
2009-A151 In Support of Addition to Lesser Feasts and Fasts of Paul Cuffe and Samson Occum
2009-A152 Preservation of Burial Sites
2009-A153 Federal Tribal Recognition
2009-A155 To Establish a Program for the Alleviation of Domestic Poverty
2009-D035 Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery
EXC022004.36 Support for Native American Congregational Development
EXC051988.08 Pledge Against Racism Toward Native Americans
EXC051988.09 Support for Native American Health Care

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