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Human Sexuality

Too often, young people and adults hide their questions and feelings about sexuality, concerned that this topic is unacceptable. On the contrary, the Episcopal Church believes that human sexuality is a gift from God. The Church recognizes and celebrates marriages that incorporate respect, communication, and fidelity. It also encourages conversations among young people about sexuality and sexual abstinence. Characterizing human sexuality as a ‘forbidden’ subject stifles constructive dialogue and may encourage abusive or dangerous behavior. Please join the Episcopal Church in this important mission.

Working together for justice.

Human Sexuality

1976-A069 Recognize the Equal Claims of Homosexuals
1976-A071 Support the Right of Homosexuals to Equal Protection of the Law
1982-B061 Reaffirm the Civil Rights of Homosexuals
1985-D082 Urge Dioceses to Reach a Better Understanding of Homosexuality
1988-D100 Decry Violence Against Homosexuals
1991-A104 Affirm the Church's Teaching on Sexual Expression, Commission Congregational Dialogue, and Direct Bishops to Prepare a Pastoral Teaching
1991-B020 Propose a Pan-Anglican and Ecumenical Dialogue on Human Sexuality
1994-C019 Reaffirm Resolution on Equal Protection Under Law for Homosexuals
1994-C020 Amend Canon I.17.5 [Of Regulations Respecting the Laity]
1994-C026 Address Youth Suicide and Conflicts Over Sexuality
1994-D006 Call on US Government to Extend Benefits to Gay and Lesbian Couples
1994-D007 Amend Canon III.4.1 [Equal Access to Ordination Process]
1997-C024 Request the Medical Trust to Cover Domestic Partnerships in Health Plans
1997-D032 Acknowledge the Church's Unique Role in Ministering to Youth
2000-A009 Identify "Safe Spaces" for Lesbians and Gays
2000-A046 Urge Conversation with Youth and Young Adults about Sexuality
2000-C029 Urge Congress to Enact Hate Crimes Legislation
2000-C031 Recommend Clergy to Engage the Boy Scouts of America on Issues of Sexual Orientation
2000-C043 Affirm and Endorse The Cambridge Accord
2000-D039 Acknowledge Relationships Other Than Marriage and Existence of Disagreement on the Church's Teaching
2003-A111 Revise Title III Canons
2006-A167 Reaffirm Church Membership of Gay and Lesbian Persons
2006-D005 Oppose Criminalization of Homosexuality

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