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The statistics for HIV/AIDS both at home and abroad are devastating. However, HIV/AIDS does not appear in someone’s life as a statistic or percentage; it comes as the infected mother who inadvertently passes the virus to her children, as the orphan who has lost both parents, or as the confused adolescent struggling to survive. These, whether in Washington, DC or South Africa, are the faces of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Church through its public policy advocacy and with the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition has taken many steps to address this devestating epidemic. With faith, we can make a difference.

Working together for justice.


1985-D062 Recognize and Respond to the Tragedy of the AIDS Crisis
1988-B006 Call for AIDS Education Programs
1988-D101 Oppose Discrimination Against People with HIV/AIDS
1991-A003 Prohibit Discrimination on Basis of HIV/AIDS
1991-A006 Encourage Affiliated Ecumenical Bodies to Address HIV/AIDS Epidemic
1991-A008 Oppose Discrimination Against Persons With HIV/AIDS
1991-A009 Encourage Early Intervention, Anonymous Testing and Treatment for HIV
1991-B025 Petition to Remove HIV From List of Diseases Warranting Restrictions on Travel in the US
1991-D096 Include Women and Children in HIV/AIDS Funding
1994-A003 Affirm Programs, Behaviors and Attitudes to Address the AIDS/HIV Pandemic
1994-A004 Support a Universal Religious Statement on AIDS/HIV
1994-A005 Reaffirm Support for a Public Policy on the AIDS/HIV Pandemic
1994-A006 Establish Resources and Collaborators in AIDS/HIV Education
1994-A055 Urge Government Funding in Matters Affecting the Health of Women
1994-D069 Commend and Encourage Response to the Ugandan Orphan Crisis
1997-A048 Reaffirm Commitment to a Christian Response to HIV/AIDS
2000-A050 Call for the Continuation of HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
2000-A051 Support Initiatives to Make Available AIDS-related Medications
2000-A052 Encourage Awareness of Justice Issues Related to HIV/AIDS
2003-A021 Call Upon the Church to Promote HIV Prevention Education
2003-D054 Keep America's "Promise to Africa"
2006-A132 Eliminate the Stigma of HIV/AIDS
2006-D022 Establish the Millennium Development Goals as a Mission Priority

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