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Health Care and Medical Ethics

The Episcopal Church has used its voice to speak out against the inequities in our health care system and has a long-standing commitment to universal health care. We fully support the need for quality health care and its availability throughout the country, so that no region or population, such as Native Americans, is underserved. We continue to advocate for those suffering from HIV/AIDS and their medical and pastoral needs.

Working together for justice.

Health Care and Medical Ethics

1982-A065 Condemn Use of Abortion for Gender Selection and Non-serious Abnormalities
1982-A067 Approve Use of "In Vitro" Fertilization
1982-C002 Approve the Use of a Living Will
1982-C024 Encourage Christians to Become Organ, Blood and Tissue Donors
1982-D016 Reaffirm the Right to the Use of Artificial Conception Control
1985-A083 Adopt Church Policy on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
1985-A088 Encourage National and Congregational Support of Community Health Services
1985-B039 Express Mind of the House on Legislation for Early Childhood Programs
1985-D127 Support Ministry to the Homeless Who Are Mentally Ill
1988-C007 Support the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
1988-C009 Request the Presiding Bishop to Appoint a Panel on the Sioux Nation
1988-D124 Condemn Acts of Violence Against Abortion Facilities and Their Clients
1991-A009 Encourage Early Intervention, Anonymous Testing and Treatment for HIV
1991-A010 Advocate Legislation for Comprehensive Health Care
1991-A093 Establish Principles With Regard to the Prolongation of Life
1991-A096 Continue Discussion on the Use of Fetal Tissue for Research Use
1991-A097 Urge Members to Consider Donating Organs
1991-A099 Call for a System of Universal Access to Health Care
1991-C008 Reaffirm the 1982 Resolution on the "Living Will"
1991-C037 Oppose Certain Legislation Requiring Parental Consent for Termination of Pregnancy
1991-D088 Encourage Understanding of Mental Illness and Respond to the Needs of the Mentally Ill
1994-A003 Affirm Programs, Behaviors and Attitudes to Address the AIDS/HIV Pandemic
1994-A005 Reaffirm Support for a Public Policy on the AIDS/HIV Pandemic
1994-A054 Reaffirm General Convention Statement on Childbirth and Abortion
1994-A055 Urge Government Funding in Matters Affecting the Health of Women
1994-A056 Amend General Convention Principles on the Prolongation of Life
1994-A057 Adopt Church Principles on Access to Health Care
1994-D009 Reaffirm Family Planning and Control of Global Population Growth
1997-C024 Request the Medical Trust to Cover Domestic Partnerships in Health Plans
1997-D065 Express Grave Concern Over Misuse of Partial Birth Abortion
2000-A051 Support Initiatives to Make Available AIDS-related Medications
2000-A078 Call on Lawmakers and Physicians to Provide Adequate and Comprehensive Hospice and Palliative Care
2000-D001 Declare All Church Buildings to be "Tobacco-free Zones"
2000-D008 Adopt Diocesan Resolution on Suicide Prevention
2000-D083 Express Concern for and Support Ministry to Those Suffering from Post Abortion Stress
2003-A011 Establish Ethical Guidelines for Genetic Research and Interventions
2003-A014 Support Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
2003-A021 Call Upon the Church to Promote HIV Prevention Education
2003-A123 Call on Dioceses to Establish Committees on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency
2003-D016 Support Ethical Care of Animals
2003-D041 Welcome Service Animals in the Church
2006-D022 Establish the Millennium Development Goals as a Mission Priority
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC022005.25 Reaffirmation of Commitment to Medicaid and Medicare
EXC051988.09 Support for Native American Health Care
EXC061990.40 Policy for DFMS Investments in Tobacco-Related Businesses

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