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The foundation of a successful and productive life often lies in education, yet too many children here and around the world miss the opportunity to attend school. We must strengthen our public schools at home and access to education, particularly gender equality for girls, worldwide. How can you provide a better future for a child? Look below to see how fellow Episcopalians have acted; can you add your voice to theirs?

Working together for justice.


1979-B031 Petition Congress on the Issue of Educating Deaf Children
1985-A108 Develop Opportunities for Episcopalians to Become Involved in Public Education
1985-B039 Express Mind of the House on Legislation for Early Childhood Programs
1988-A116 Support Improvement of Public School Education
1991-A241 Approve the Episcopal Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Scholarship Fund
1994-D090 Urge Constitutional Balance in Considering "Moment of Silence" Statutes
2000-B036 Commend and Support the Public School System
2000-D002 Appropriate Funds for the Single Parent/Mother Programs at Historically Black Colleges
2003-A038 Include Peace and Justice Studies and Training in Episcopal College and School Curricula
2006-A129 Affirm Evolution and Science Education
2006-C045 Commend Leadership of the three Historically Black Colleges
2009-A149 Support for the Indigenous Theological Training Institute (ITTI)

Why Serve 2012
6/6/2012  - 6/10/2012    - Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA

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