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Economic Justice

In challenging times, it is important that we firmly establish economic justice as an ethical principle in our decision making. Through its support of the Millennium Development Goals, the Episcopal Church has committed itself to aid in the fight to eradicate extreme global poverty by the year 2015. The Economic Justice Loan Committee provides loans to communities for low cost housing, small-business development, childcare programs and establishing credit unions. Dioceses, parishes and individuals are also encouraged to be involved in their own communities to help build a more economically just society.

Working together for justice.

Economic Justice

1979-C031 Encourage Church Involvement in Community Economic Redevelopment
1982-D029 Call for Reordering of Federal Budget Priorities
1982-D078 Support Affirmative Action Programs Within the Church
1982-D124 Request the Committee on Social Responsibility in Investments to Continue Working to Eliminate Racism
1985-B039 Express Mind of the House on Legislation for Early Childhood Programs
1985-D040 Request the Church and Individual Members to Work for Peace
1985-D059 Recommend That Church Institutions Deposit Funds in Minority Owned Banks
1988-C030 Establish and Fund a Ministry of Community Investment and Economic Justice
1994-D020 Advocate on Behalf of Human Rights in Burma
1997-A050 Request Dioceses to Address the Effects of Welfare Reform
2000-A001 Support and Fund International Education, Advocacy and Development Programs
2000-A002 Adopt Ethical Guidelines for International Economic Development
2000-A003 On the Topic of Aid and Private Investment in South Africa
2000-A081 Urge Bishops and Diocesan Leaders to Support the National Implementation of a Just Wage
2000-C034 Increase Awareness of Social and Economic Problems of Farmers and Rural Areas
2000-C039 Commend CPF on Union Dispute and Urge Involvement in Socially Responsible Investments
2000-D102 Urge CPF to Develop Investment Policies Based on Principles of the Jubilee Year of Justice
2003-A130 Support the Establishment of a Living Wage
2003-C030 Urge Legislation to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage
2003-D040 Reaffirm Commitment to Provide Affordable Housing for the Poor
2006-B002 Acknowledge and Reduce Global Warming
2006-C008 Reaffirm the Right of Workers to Organize and Form Unions
2006-D047 Support Worker Unions and a Living Wage
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC061995.19 Support for International Debt Forgiveness
EXC101995.33 Support for the Community Reinvestment Act
EXC101995.34 Support for Affirmative Action

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