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Criminal Justice

Our faith calls on us to treat every person with dignity, including those in our prisons, halfways homes, and detention centers.  Oftentimes, these are the individuals most in need of dignity and compassion.  The prison system can be a painful and damaging process for an inmate and his or her family.  Working with interfaith ministries and government officials, Episcopalians minister to inmates and their families, assist those on parole, and call for reform not only of the prison system but in the criminal system as well.

Working together for justice.

Criminal Justice

1979-D004 Reaffirm Opposition to Capital Punishment
1991-D056 Reaffirm Opposition to Capital Punishment
1994-D010 Request Moratorium on Construction of Maximum Control Prisons
1994-D035 Support Ministry to the Incarcerated
1994-D087 Encourage Parishes to Minister to Newly Discharged Inmates
2000-A082 Reaffirm Opposition to the Death Penalty and Call for a Moratorium
2000-A083 Urge Parishes and Dioceses to Study the Death Penalty and Explore Reasons for Opposition
2000-B003 Endorse the Study of Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System
2000-B055 Reaffirm Criminal Justice System Reform
2000-D070 Support Legislation to Make DNA Testing Available to Accused Persons and Prisoners
2003-A008 Urge Congress to Repeal Mandatory Federal Sentencing Guidelines
2003-A125 Establish Ministries to Assist Prisoners and Their Families
2003-D063 Support Hearings on the USA Patriot Act and Civil Liberties
2006-D012 Establish Summer Camp for Children of Persons in Prison

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