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Violence and Hate

The headlines and evening news stories assault our senses on a daily basis: children watching television in their homes killed by stray bullets, honor students whose lives are snuffed out due to gang violence, murders of family members by other family members. We can become numb to the violence that we hear about on a daily basis. The Episcopal Church condemns violence against anyone. We seek to end violence based on gender, race, color, creed and sexual orientation. We also encourage programs aimed at ending violence in our schools. We urge our dioceses to promote a culture of nonviolence by making educational materials, training and resource people available to our parishes.

Working together for justice.

Violence and Hate

1988-D055 Condemn All Hate Crimes
1988-D100 Decry Violence Against Homosexuals
1991-C022 Renew Commitment to Address Violence in Society
1994-D005 Call for Church Opposition to Violence
1994-D019 Request a Commission Study of Sale and Spread of Armaments
1997-C035 Urge Restrictions on Sale, Ownership and Use of Firearms
2000-B007 Request the Removal of Handguns and Assault Weapons
2000-C025 Urge Education, Prayer, and Local Response to Issues of Sexual and Domestic Violence
2000-C029 Urge Congress to Enact Hate Crimes Legislation
2000-C043 Affirm and Endorse The Cambridge Accord
2000-D004 Express Concern About Availability of Handguns and Assault Weapons
2000-D009 Condemn All Hate Crimes
2000-D073 Support Legislation to Reduce Domestic Violence and Protect Victims
2003-D077 Affirm Abhorrence of Racial Profiling and Violence
2006-D018 Support Nonviolence Training
EXC021995.07 Guiding Principles for Governmental Legislation
EXC061999.19 Response to Gun Violence
EXC111998.22 Eradication of Hate Crimes

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