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Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing in the Episcopal Church began as a response to apartheid in South Africa. Today, through the Executive Council Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Church examines companies’ records in regards to workplace equality, fair practices in the developing world, and environmental policy. Corporate social responsibility reinforces our values through business interactions and helps ensure our mission will continue through our investments.

Working together for justice.

Socially Responsible Investing

1979-C031 Encourage Church Involvement in Community Economic Redevelopment
1982-D124 Request the Committee on Social Responsibility in Investments to Continue Working to Eliminate Racism
1985-D059 Recommend That Church Institutions Deposit Funds in Minority Owned Banks
1985-D073 Mandate Divestment in Companies Doing Business in South Africa and Namibia
1988-C030 Establish and Fund a Ministry of Community Investment and Economic Justice
1994-A042 Encourage Church Investment Strategy on Hazardous Chemicals
2000-C039 Commend CPF on Union Dispute and Urge Involvement in Socially Responsible Investments
2000-D102 Urge CPF to Develop Investment Policies Based on Principles of the Jubilee Year of Justice
2003-D040 Reaffirm Commitment to Provide Affordable Housing for the Poor
EXC012003.14 Instructions for a Shareholder Resolution
EXC042003.18 Disinvestment from Military Contractors
EXC061990.40 Policy for DFMS Investments in Tobacco-Related Businesses
EXC101995.33 Support for the Community Reinvestment Act

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