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Accessibility and Inclusivity

It is estimated that some 57 million Americans will suffer from some form of disability in their lifetime. Many others face accessibility issues due to language barriers, age discrimination and sexism. By making our work places, churches and recreational facilities accessible and inclusive, we benefit from the gifts of ALL people. The Episcopal Church opposes all forms of discrimination, and promotes the inclusion of every human being.

Working together for justice.

2003-D051 Recommend that Meeting Locations Be Accessible to the Disabled
2003-D041 Welcome Service Animals in the Church
2003-C027 Make the Church's Audio-visual Materials Accessible to All People
2003-A111 Revise Title III Canons
2000-C030 Adopt NCC Statement on Disabilities
2000-C029 Urge Congress to Enact Hate Crimes Legislation
1997-C046 Re-establish a Resource Center on the Disabled
1994-D104 Authorize Continuation of the Task Force on Accessibility
1994-D007 Amend Canon III.4.1 [Equal Access to Ordination Process]
1994-C020 Amend Canon I.17.5 [Of Regulations Respecting the Laity]
1991-D089 Commend Passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act
1991-D088 Encourage Understanding of Mental Illness and Respond to the Needs of the Mentally Ill
1991-D084 Authorize Continuation of the Task Force on Accessibility
1991-A085 Instruct Interim Bodies to Examine Effects of Forms of Discrimination
1988-D147 Continue the Task Force on Accessibility for the Triennium
1988-D142 Recognize the Status and Ministry of the Episcopal Conference of the Deaf
1988-D004 Commend the Task Force on Accessibility and Encourage Sensitivity to Persons With Disabilities
1985-D130 Recommend and Direct Use of Funds for Employing Interpreters for the Deaf
1985-D044 Require That Church Produced Video Tapes Be Captioned
1985-C049 Urge the Church to Emulate the Social Witness of the Church in South Africa
1985-A087 Encourage Opportunities Within the Church for Persons with Disabilities
1982-D120 Establish a Task Force on Disabled and Handicapped Persons
1982-B019 Oppose Discrimination on the Basis of Age in Calling Clergy
1979-B031 Petition Congress on the Issue of Educating Deaf Children

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