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2011 Jubilee Ministry Grants

Jubilee Ministry grant applications are now being accepted. Four types of grants are available: 2012 Summer Camp Partnerships grants, Health and Nutrition grants to help respond to food desert nutritional needs, Diocesan Development grants, and 2012 Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Workshop Funding grants. Application submission deadlines begin October 1, 2011. Deadline for the 2012 Summer Camp and ABCD Workshop grant applications is December 30, 2011.

2011 Jubilee Grant Information
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2011 Diocesan Development $1,000 Grant Request
2011 Health & Nutrition $750 Grant Request
2012 $1,000 Summer Camp Partnership Grants
2012 ABCD Workshop Funding Request
Solicitud de una subvención de $1.000 para desarrollo diocesano 2011
Solicitud de una subvención de $750 para Salud y Nutrición en 2011
Subvenciones de $1.000 para el compañerismo en campamentos de verano 2012
Solicitud de financiación de un taller de ABCD 2012

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