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Nativity of St 

As an adult, John lived an ascetic life in the Judean wilderness. His life and appearance recalled the prophetic tradition of the OT. He was clothed with camel's hair and wore a leather belt. He ate locusts and wild honey. The word of God came to him, and he went into the region around the Jordan River to preach a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. John called the people to prepare for the coming of the kingdom of God and the advent of the Messiah. Many people came to John to receive his baptism, including Jesus. John exhorted the people to live righteously (see Lk 3:10-14). He told them to share clothes and food with the needy. He urged tax collectors to collect no more than was appointed for them, and he told soldiers to rob no one by violence or false accusation. John stated that he was not the Christ (Jn 1:20). John acknowledged that his influence would decrease as Christ's influence increased (Jn 3:30). He had many followers, some of whom later became disciples of Jesus (Jn 1:35-37). John criticized Herod the tetrarch for his incestuous marriage to Herodias, and for other evil deeds. John was imprisoned, and later executed at the urging of Herodias (Mt 14:1-12). John is ranked second only to the Virgin Mary among the saints in the eastern church. The collect for the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist prays that we may "follow his teaching and holy life" and "truly repent according to his preaching" so that we may "constantly speak the truth, boldly rebuke vice, and patiently suffer for the truth's sake" (BCP, p. 241). See John the Baptist. 

Glossary definitions provided courtesy of Church Publishing Incorporated, New York, NY,(All Rights reserved) from "An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church, A User Friendly Reference for Episcopalians," Don S. Armentrout and Robert Boak Slocum, editors.
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