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Children and Advocacy

The church is called to love, shelter, protect and defend children within its own community and the world, especially those who are abused, neglected or in danger.

The Children's Charter for The Church
Children's Charter
Carta De Los Ninos
Children's Children's Charter

Public Education

The strange media coverage of Obama's education policies

"United Church of Christ 2011 Justice & Witness Ministries Message on Public Education"

An Alternative Vision for Public Education: A Pastoral Letter
On May 18, the National Council of Churches Governing Board issued a statement prayerfully asking Congress not to scapegoat public educators, but to address the real issues when reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

NCC delegation meets with U.S. Secretary of Education on the need to provide equal education to all children
[NCC News Service, June 2, 2010] A delegation of the National Council of Churches met with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and other officials Monday to express concerns about the Education Department's "Race to the Top" initiative and the Obama Administration's "blueprint" for the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

NCC Committee on Public Education and Literacy
The major focus of the National Council of Church Committee on Public Education and Literacy is the need for the churches to recover their history of support for public schools and the children and teachers in them.

Safe Church

General Convention Resolution 2003-B008: 'Protect Children and Youth from Abuse'
Resolved, That each diocese develop and adopt policies for the protection of children and youth from abuse that address the following:

Safeguarding God's Children Program
This program is geared to preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in everyday life and ministry.

Safe Church Guidelines for Social Media from the Diocese of Connecticut
These guidelines were developed through the Office of Pastoral Response, the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. The Diocese is grateful for the work and generosity of the Connecticut Conference of United Church of Christ for developing and sharing Internet Safety Guidelines, upon which these guidelines are based.

CPG Model Policies
The Church Pension Group, in partnership with The Nathan Network, is pleased to provide these Model Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse to the Episcopal Church.

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