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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry is all about building relationships--shepherding young people from childhood to adulthood in a faithful context that recognizes young people’s gifts for ministry, their questions about spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world. The only way the church can authentically respond to the spiritual needs of preteens and teens is to walk with them on the journey in trusting relationship. Youth ministers seek to partner with parents and guardians in order to share the stories of our faith, our personal vulnerabilities, and our own transformations in Christ, so that youth may recognize the work of the Spirit in their own lives and hopefully choose to continue their journey in faith through Christ.

The mission and ministry of the Youth Formation office is grounded in the principles of The Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation, embracing opportunities to invite, inspire, and transform on a continuum of human development. We embrace the Five Marks of Mission as a tool for education and transformation; seeking to proclaim the good news in Christ; teaching, baptizing and nurturing new believers; finding ways to relieve human suffering; working to changes structures of injustice; and practicing better care for the earth. We also work faithfully toward creating safe space for children and youth in all of our congregations though the policies and practices set forth in the excellent Safeguarding God’s People training materials.

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ECCC Annual Conference
1/22/2012  - 1/27/2012    - Camp McDowell, AL

NAECED Annual Meeting and Tapestries Conference
2/2/2012  - 2/4/2012    - New Orleans, LA

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