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Q: Wait! The Episcopal Church has missionaries?
A: Yes.  Mission partners in The Episcopal Church serve in three ways.  Volunteer Missionaries serve a minimum of one year.  Appointed Missionaries serve for a minimum of three years.  Young Adult Service Corps volunteers serve for one year, including mentoring.

Q: How many missionaries are there? What do they do?
A: The Episcopal Church has approximately 80 mission partners all over the world.  People serve in many capacities, such as medical personnel, seminary staff, computer technicians, community organizers, and youth ministers.

Q: Are missionaries still needed?
A: Yes.  As long as the reign of God is not yet fully present among us, reconciling work must still be done.  Mission partners continue to labor for the reign of God, which is both already here and not-yet here.  The Episcopal Church has a deep awareness both of global inequality and of the responsibility of the United States in creating such inequality.  Mission partners enter their work not as crusaders or bosses, but as servants willing to journey with others in a mutual search for a greater understanding of God and of how to live together in a respectful and mutually supportive way in the world.

Q: Where does the money come from?
A: Mission partners are seen as representatives of their home community, their home diocese and The Episcopal Church and support for the mission partners comes from all of these sources. Because relationship is mutual, partnership support also comes from the partner diocese.

Q: What if I think I have a call to serve as a mission partner?
A: Discerning a call to this particular ministry is a serious process. To learn more please call The Rev. David Copley, Mission Personnel Director at the Episcopal Church Center to begin the conversation (212-922-5461) or fill out the form below:

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