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Job Opportunities

Find your calling as a church musician or youth coordinator. Serve as a chaplain in the military, at a veteran’s hospital or in a federal prison. Minister in a small rural church or a large urban congregation. Whether it’s a time of transition or exploration, new work opportunities exist.

FAQs about Chaplaincy
Q: Why do we have Episcopal chaplains in the Armed Services?
A: Military chaplains are called to serve "outside the gates" of civilian congregations. This exciting and challenging ministry with young men, women and families, who are working in difficult circumstances, often away from home facing danger and possible death ensures the Church is present not only in places of safety and security. 

Q: What are the requirements for military chaplains?
A: In general, you must be a U.S. citizen with an undergraduate degree and an M. Div. You must be an ordained priest with 2 years of parish experience and be commissioned by age 39.

Q: Who are Veterans Affairs chaplains and what do they do?
A: VA Chaplains are ordained persons that sense a call to serve veterans in physical, spiritual or emotional need. They are employed by the federal government to provide spiritual care and grief support to patients, family members and staff in VA hopsitals and medical centers.

Q: What are the qualifications for a VA chaplain?
A: He or she must have completed a Master of Divinity degree, two units of Clinical Pastoral Education, and two years of ministry experience.

Q: Who are federal prison chaplains and what do they do?
A: Federal prison chaplains are ordained persons who serve those incarcerated in federal facilities. They provide pastoral care and counseling to inmates and staff, lead worship services and facilitate opportunities that accommodate a variety of religious worship needs.

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