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Global Justice

Even our simplest everyday choices, like our choice of coffee, have world-wide implications. Global justice encompasses a wide variety of topics, including the Millennium Development Goals, the Jubilee Year and peace making. These global justice issues target some of the most complex and important obstacles to poverty, hunger, and disease reduction.  Please learn more about these issues and join our community in this essential undertaking.

Please refer to our Action section to learn more about what you can do about global justice.

Working together for justice.

Global Justice
[3/21/2011]  'Just War' and the Intervention in Libya
[11/15/2011]  Christian leaders continue advocacy for Israeli-Palestinian peace
[10/21/2011]  Mission Report: St. Thomas Episcopal to Haiti
[10/19/2011]  Houston clergy, politicians gather for interfaith immigration prayer service
[9/19/2011]  Bishops, spouses hold prayer service at the Colombia-Ecuador border
[9/23/2011]  Episcopalians advocate to feed the hungry in America and abroad
[8/26/2011]  Massachusetts church group volunteers in Honduras
[8/30/2011]  Church council sends peace teams to South Sudan
[8/16/2011]  Converting pillow cases to dresses for Haiti
[8/15/2011]  Wisconsin church hopes to bless Kenya village with water
[8/10/2011]  As drought situation worsens, church leaders launch 'Call to Action' in the Horn of Africa
[7/25/2011]  Congo's victims of war, disease find solace and healing in Anglican church
[8/2/2011]  A church in exile: Zimbabwe's Anglicans resilient amid ongoing intimidation from Mugabe's oppressors
[8/1/2011]  New York priest heading to Tanzania to help kids
[7/29/2011]  Archbishop of Canterbury calls for action, advocacy for Horn of Africa's drought victims
[7/28/2011]  St. Peter’s members to build home of love for orphaned South Africans
[7/27/2011]  In Zambia, Episcopal Relief & Development builds on success of malaria-prevention work
[7/19/2011]  Kids4Peace: Moving toward a 'culture of peace,' one child at a time
[7/9/2011]  Bishop Wolf heads to D.C. to solicit support for South Sudan
[7/1/2011]  Religious Leaders Call Obama to Take Bold Action for Middle East Peace
[6/22/2011]  Presiding bishop calls for increased investment in food security as G20 agricultural ministers meet
[6/20/2011]  Sudan: Peace, prayer, partnerships are priorities for American Friends
[6/14/2011]  Religious leaders assess UN AIDS declaration
[6/8/2011]  Sudan violence 'grave concern'
[5/25/2011]  Sudan's disputed Abyei region descends into chaos amid calls for ongoing advocacy
[5/24/2011]  Prayer vigils send message to Netanyahu: 'Lift the ban on Bishop Dawani'
[5/17/2011]  Sudanese churches step up peace efforts ahead of independence
[5/2/2011]  New wellness clinic to be dedicated in Naco, Sonora: Annual procession to take place
[4/4/2011]  VIDEO: Building a new nation: Episcopal Church of Sudan looks to the future
[4/7/2011]  Church leaders, relief and development official issue a statement on malaria
[3/31/2011]  TEXAS: Boy Scout leads church in malaria net project
[3/30/2011]  Confronting the occupation
[3/23/2011]  Episcopalians hope to bring water to African village
[3/24/2011]  Remembering Oscar Romero, continuing his human rights work
[3/19/2011]  Soldier helps distribute donated items to Afghan children
[2/7/2011]  Healthy Scholars build appetite for eradicating extreme poverty
[2/5/2011]  Bishop Michael Vono: 'Discarded people' lost a voice in Uganda murder
[2/3/2011]  Church coalition urges support of UN resolution on halting Israeli settlement building
[1/20/2011]  Dear President Obama, Please Do Not Veto the UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements
[1/10/2011]  Millions take to the polls in Sudan's historic referendum; clashes in Abyei claim lives
[1/6/2011]  Sudanese Bishop Joseph Garang speaks about the referendum and international partnerships
[1/5/2011]  Prayers for Peace in Sudan: Friday Vigil, Weekend of Prayer/Fasting preparing for January 9 referendum

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