Mission Center: The Episcopal Church: Partnerships

Who serves from the EC on our covenant committees?
  • Liberia: Paul Frank (Ohio), +Wendell Gibbs (Michigan), Deborah Harmon Hines (Western Massachusetts)
  • Philippines: Mark Harris (Delaware), +Robert Hibbs (West Texas), Lyn Johnson (San Diego), Timothy Kimbrough (North Carolina)
  • Brazil: +William Creighton (Central Pennsylvania), Kathleen Cullinane (Indianapolis), Mardi Mauney (Massachusetts), Donnel O’Flynn (Massachusetts), +Mark Sisk (New York), Robert Thurber (Alabama)
  • Mexico: Mandy Alford (Arkansas), Enrique Brown (Washington), +James Folts (West Texas), George McGonigle (Texas)
  • Central America: Nancy Broadwell (East Carolina), Vincent Currie (Central Gulf Coast), Ricardo Potter (Dominican Republic), +William Skilton (South Carolina)

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