Mission Center: The Episcopal Church: Partnerships

What is the present status of our covenant with each church?
  • Liberia: Established in 1979, revised in 2001. Original agreement for 10-year schedule to eliminate financial subsidy unable to be implemented due to civil war and unstable political situation. (2005 subsidy: $220,900.)
  • Philippines: Established in 1991. Mandates a fifteen-year financial subvention, scheduled to cease at the end of 2006. This is on schedule. (2005 subsidy: $266,670.)
  • Brazil: Adopted by Executive Council in 1994. (Brazil became autonomous from the Episcopal Church in 1965, without a covenant in the presently understood sense.) Suggests ways to mutually strengthen mission and ministry. No financial provisions. (2005 grant to support the provincial secretariat: $18,800.)
  • Mexico: Adopted in 1995.  Mandates a 25-year financial subvention, with a yearly reduction of 4% in the amount. (2005 subsidy: $634,015.)
  • Central America: Established in 1997. Mandates a forty-year financial subvention, annually reduced by 1 to 5%. (2005 subsidy: $998,441.)

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