Registration opens January 3, 2011, on a first come, first served basis. Registration closes when the event is filled or on April 15, 2011, whichever comes first. Only registered Diocesan Registrars will be able to access the online registration site. See below for complete registration instructions and required forms.

Complete Registration Information
Información completa de inscripción
Expectations Covenant For Youth & Adult Participants
Adult Medical Treatment Authorization Form
Youth Medical Treatment Authorization Form
DFMS Photo/Video Release Form
Permiso para Uso de Fotografía y Video
Certification by Bishop for Adult Participants
Criminal Records Check for Adult Participation

Who Should Attend?

The Episcopal Youth Event is open to all 109 dioceses and 3 regional areas of the Episcopal Church and is for youth who are in grades 9-12 during the 2010-2011 academic year, and their adult leaders. EYE is not a large scale Happening weekend; it is a significant opportunity for building, sharing and fulfilling our call to mission in the world. As such, diocesan leaders should invite young people who demonstrate leadership capacity, a clear commitment to their Christian identity, and a desire to engage God’s mission in the world. Diocesan delegations should represent all aspects of the diocese: ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural diversity, and a range of liturgical and theological expressions. They should be able to handle traveling away from home, honoring the community covenant, participating in all aspects of the event, and taking their learning home to their diocese, congregation, and community.

Each diocese will be allowed up to 32 youth participants and 8 adult participants, observing a one adult to four youth ratio. Registration cost is $275 per participant (youth and adult). Ten percent of each registration will be used specifically to respond to mission opportunities at the event in keeping with the Five Marks of Mission and Millennium Development Goals. The remaining registration fee will cover meals and lodging at the event. A nominal fee of less than $25 per person may be charged for airport/train station shuttle service on the Minnesota end of travel.
Bethel University will also be offering lodging and breakfast for groups who wish to remain on campus for 3 Days of Mission at a rate of $20 per person, plus meals, transportation and supplies. This will be an option that can be selected in the registration process and additional charges will be added to your registration.

Adult Leadership

Each diocese should engage its own process of discerning who amongst them is called to represent and mentor the youth of the diocese at this gathering. Each diocese should establish an open process that allows for recruiting a diverse delegation, considering the full breadth of our multi-cultural and richly diverse church.

Adult leaders should be discerned with care. The Episcopal Youth Event is not simply an adventure that requires chaperones, but a gathering of the youth leadership in our denomination. Adults will have opportunities to gather and learn together as they walk with young people in lifting up our covenant for being in community with respect, and adhering to appropriate behaviors and boundaries.

All adult leaders MUST:

  • be a minimum of 21 years old (with at least two from each diocese over 25 years of age and experienced in traveling with youth on mission trips and/or pilgramages);
  • have had Safeguarding God's Children training within the last five years;
  • have had a criminal background check performed after June 1, 2010;
  • receive their Diocesan Bishop's signature on the required form acknowledging these criteria are met.

Each diocese will also need to designate a registrar who will coordinate the logistics of registration, transportation, and payment with the Youth Ministries office. Only the registrar will be allowed to register members of their diocesan delegation. Go to to submit your Diocesan Registrar's information. All Registrars will be confirmed via the email address provided. Dioceses will also need to arrange their own transportation and expenses for traveling to and from Minnesota.


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