The 2011 Episcopal Youth Event will feel similar to past events in many ways, yet it is shaping up to be a very different experience. There will be three very full days of worship, sharing, praying, learning, singing, and working, calling participants into a greater awareness of and commitment to God's mission in the world. It will be followed by Three Days of Mission, an opportunity for youth groups to engage in urban or rural mission.

The Core Values of EYE
created by the Provincial Youth Ministers in February 2010

Focusing on Jesus Christ and his presence in our lives, EYE will provide an opportunity and create an environment where our young people and the adults who accompany them can continue to grow on their journey in faith.

Striving to be a uniquely Episcopal Community and acknowledging that each person is a child of God and that we are called together into a full relationship with God and God’s Creation, we claim that we are a sacramental people of common prayer with diverse understandings and cultural contexts, all of whom work together as the Body of Christ.

Celebrating our mission and our ministry as the Body of Christ in Community, we will offer training for young people and adults and equip them to be faithful servant leaders in their local and diocesan communities.

Embracing the “Anglican Marks of Mission” as our charge, we will strive to engage the passion and energy of faithful youth, to embrace their call to ministry and to empower them to put their faith into action.


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