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Searching for intimacy
Restrictions hurting seafarers
They unloaded their ship's cargo almost three months ago, which cleared room for the daily soccer games the crew holds in the empty space. Without any work to do, they closely follow Spanish-language soap operas. They eat Turkish food -- a taste of home -- and flip through stacks of outdated National Geographic magazines. When they can, they call their families from cellular phones.
Breaking new ground
The new St. Edmund's Meadows will lease one-quarter of its units back to CHA for public housing residents and divide the rest between reduced-rate and market-rate housing. But whether the project is a trendsetter or a one-time sales event is up in the air.
Medical missionaries
Westermeier has been going to the Dominican Republic with Jesse's Children, a medical mission ministry, for 14 years. Coming from the United States where, even with ever-increasing health care costs, citizens want everyone to be disease-free, it's a jolt to experience a place where only the wealthy minority can afford preventive medicine -- or any care at all.
'On the Road to Assisi'
One thing should be made perfectly clear: Jon Sweeney has not quit his day job. Sweeney, the marketing director for Skylight Paths Publishing, normally works on and promotes books like his own last title, "Praying With Our Hands: 21 Practices of Embodied Prayer from the World's Spiritual Traditions," books which seek to integrate spiritual traditions and practices from around the globe.
Quality of redemption
"I sometimes think of death, and always with grief at leaving a world so beautiful. This planet is not a safe place for human or beast, but it is filled with a supple, unapologetic beauty and a grace beyond words. A physical grace; a heaven that is only of the spirit is a heaven somehow incomplete."
Life in the canyon
My very earliest memory, when I was about 2 years old, is of running down a hill, feeling joy and power as I pulled away from tall grasses and briars tugging at me. At the bottom of the hill was small stream. Stepping into the water at the edge, I saw a crayfish backing quickly under a rock.
Considering a new ecclesial alignment
My friend the Rev. Samuel Van Culin, when he served as secretary for World Mission in the Episcopal Church and subsequently as secretary general of the Anglican Communion, liked to regale audiences around the world with his version of a popular song: "There's No Business Like Church Business."
The ‘gift of God’
It is my prayer that in these days we might claim, in the words of St. Isaac, “the gift of God,” and may that gift lead us not into “turmoil and clamor” but render us “entirely filled with a peace in which the Spirit, love and humility reside.”