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Food, fun and funds
The Episcopal Church knows its share of unusual food festivals. Over the past year, Episcopal Life visited five of them and found not just great food, but also an amazing amount of fun and fellowship ... and all of it for a good cause.
Oversee food delivery
A seven-member ecumenical delegation from the United States that included the Episcopal Church's peace and justice officer, the Rev. Brian Grieves, marked the end of a year-long initiative by the National Council of Churches and Church World Service, its relief and development agency, with the delivery of 61 tons of refined wheat flour donated by CWS.
Fighting fundamentalism
I firmly believe that when our children and grandchildren look back on our era, they will see that the world, the society and the church they inherited from us were irrevocably shaped by how well we ourselves were able to deal with fundamentalism. Will we find the courage and vision to move forward, or will we allow our own fears to drive us from one bleak landscape into another?
Spirited stone
Steven Gotfried, the director of communications for Washington National Cathedral, is trying to help me see the "Darth Vader" gargoyle. But my eyes are drawn back again to a gargoyle below, a homely little figure with five o'clock shadow wearing a golf shirt, with a hole in one shoe and a cloven hoof, toting a mallet and a chisel.
Visiting the 'stick-men'
At the end of the day, they came around to one of the restaurants that served the "original" hotpot of the laborers. We ate together that night, cow stomach, duck intestine, pickled Chinese cabbage, solidified pigs' blood, fried peanuts with coriander and some sorghum spirits to keep warm in the evening chill.
Catching the Spirit
"I've been concerned about the way confirmation is often handled, because many programs seem to turn youth off rather than bring them in. I was inspired by an idea to involve youth more deeply, focusing on the Baptismal Covenant and the experience of servant ministry."
The mystery of our baptism:
The Baptism of Jesus is one of the four days in the Church year – along with the Easter Vigil, the Day of Pentecost and All Saints – when the celebration of baptism and the renewal of our baptismal covenant is deemed particularly appropriate. On this feast we are given an invitation to ponder the deep meaning of our own baptism in relationship to Jesus’ baptism. His baptism set his ministry in motion; and, as we have been baptized into Christ, it sets our ministries in motion as well.
A double-gifted birthday
On her recent 80th birthday, Snyder's children delighted her with a special gift -- 80 pairs of jeans.
Stereotype unjust, simplistic
There is, indeed, a war going on in America: a war between the call to consume and the demand to reduce, and we are all the losers. Yet Dell and Merrow would have us believe that the fight against fat is evidence of nothing more than individual weakness.
'This Alpha thing'
I could pontificate on the Bible and theology until the cows came home, but I had long understood that I would not be "coming to Jesus." Did an avowed non-Christian have a place in a course that purported to be "an exploration of the Christian faith?''