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No missionaries recalled
Twenty-two new missionaries, ranging in age from their 20's to 60's, were among the largest group to attend a training event in 40 years. They met on the campus of the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest for two weeks in January.
Sharing a vocation
Clergy partners find joy in doing similar tasks, but also face challenges that can profoundly affect their life together.
They call it "the miracle church."
People in Greenville, S.C. describe this Episcopal parish as 'the miracle church" and they have good reasons for doing so.
The language of arts
As an artist-in-residence at Trinity Episcopal Church in Buffalo, N.Y., Catherine Parker strives to make the "art and soul" connection for congregants, as well as artists in her community.
Never to forget
The treatment of the remains of those who died at the World Trade Center attack more than two years ago continues to cause grief to family members and friends.
Responses to FROM THE EDGE
Readers respond to Doug LeBlanc's commentary in December in which he posed 11 questions in response to an open letter by a group that, the columnist says, highlights the clash of worldviews that is at the foundation of our church's arguments about sexuality.
Ministering with coffee pot
A New Jersey parish greets teens with a welcome, including coffee and doughnuts, as they wait on cold mornings for a bus to take them to school.
Following the star
God often works in our own lives by unsettling us and fascinating us. By various routes and by different “stars” God insinuates God’s own self into our consciousness and we are drawn beyond ourselves into a journey of growth and discovery that transcends the boundaries of the known and familiar, safe and predictable, and involves risk and unknowing.