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Tired of second-class membership
Too often the Spanish-language Mass still is celebrated in the basement or at an unreasonable hour. This is just one reason why Hispanic parishioners who occupy the same space (though seldom at the same time) as non-Hispanics often feel not welcomed but only tolerated, and then only as long as they do not inconvenience the “real” owners of the church.
Mom, Dad… I am gay
When Jonah told me, I felt the ground shift under my feet. It must be my fault, I immediately thought. Did he have a choice? How could we protect him? Who could I talk to? What would his life be like?
Our need for hospitable hearts
We not only receive ministering spirits, sometimes we also are ministering spirits, often without our knowledge.  We appear, seemingly by chance, in someone else’s life at a particular time.
Since You Asked
The Rev. Ian T. Douglas, professor of Mission and World Christianity of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. and a  member of both the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism and the Design Group for the 2008 Anglican gathering and Lambeth Conference helps.
A taste of rural India
“The beauty about the Indian companionship is it doesn't take a lot to help,” Haslett says. “You could change a family’s life for a dollar a day.”
A cross-continental companionship
The pastorate included 17 parishes. Today, it encompasses more than 35, served by one priest, an associate and several deacons, Singh said. “When I was there, I was the only priest, but every parish had its lay Eucharistic minister and lay leader.”
Oath to care for self
At age 48 with 24 years of ordained ministry behind him, Tusken does not usually experience life-changing moments on clergy retreats. This time he came away with a plan for restoring peace to all aspects of his life: his physical health, financial picture, ministry and spiritual development.
Media blitz ad-vances
By the end of November, a new “seeker site” will be launched at Based on the four “Come and Grow” themes, the site will offer visitors a message, views of the TV spots and print ads, links to related pages and a search capacity to locate congregations by address.
'Courageous' Muslims praised
The deputy to the presiding bishop for ecumenical and interfaith relations told the 41st annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America in Chicago that courageous actions by Muslim leaders have helped to initiate new conversations between Episcopalians and Muslims.
Cuttington ready to rebuild
Looters stripped away the zinc roofing, plumbing fixtures and window glazing. Still others contain damaged ceilings and exterior walls.  “The list of needs is daunting, but the students, staff and faculty remain faithful to their task of keeping the college open and working towards helping to rebuild the country,”
Totally into total ministry
The phenomenon called “total ministry” -- recognizing, affirming and building up the ministry of all the baptized -- was explored during the recent annual convention of The National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations in Las Vegas.
Leaping off a roof into faith
People who do not value themselves are not going to relate to others in the best way. Jesus restored notorious sinners to health and usefulness not by scolding them, but by befriending them, eating with them and offering them life.
Code words for living
“I slowly became more open to being with people in incredibly difficult circumstances and to being present with the essence of life, from there, the step to the ministry wasn’t a very big step.”
Into the wilderness
Summer programs have been offered at Ring Lake Ranch, near Dubois, Wyo., an ecumenical conference and retreat center east of Grand Teton National Park in the foothills of the Wind River Mountains, since the 1960s.
An anti-imperial faith
Several scholars recently have compared the United States to past empires. Among them are Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan, who tackled the topic “Being Christian in a Time of Empire: Then and Now” at a weeklong seminar in August at the rustic Ring Lake Ranch near Dubois in western Wyoming.
Walking the financial walk
When it comes to serving the church's younger members, General Convention showed them the money in Minneapolis. In 2003, convention added a new $1 million fund to be invested in ministry initiatives with young adults and youth.
A welcome Uprising
Young adults at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass., are launching a new print project: Uprising, a magazine that hopes to capture the voices and experiences of young adults throughout the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
Our church’s young adults
Lindsay Lunnum, a 20-something New Yorker enjoying a Saturday night out with old and new friends, lounged in a laid-back bar, listening to laughter and good music. The party was still going strong when she stood to say her goodbyes. “The night’s still young,” said a girl who had just met her that evening. She asked Lunnum why she was leaving when everyone was having so much fun. “I have church in the morning.”
Youth unifying a community
“From the outset, this ministry has emphasized service to the community. If there is one thing I would like the youth to remember about their experience at All Saints, it is that to be a Christian means endeavoring to serve one's neighbors in the world in Christ's name.”
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