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July / August
A Musical Career of Note
It happened this way. Forty years ago on Christmas Eve, the members of Trinity Episcopal Church in Clarksville, Tenn., found themselves suddenly without an organist.
Just Pottering Along
Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban works well as the bridge between Harry’s preadolesence and the first signs of maturation. The film is not the book, but it’s a darn good film.
Echoes of Evil
On the whole, I’m inclined to believe that sin is universal and that we, too, are capable of sinning in the same way and to the same extent as Germans 60 years ago.  As Christians and Americans, we are called upon to resist.
She Asked...and She Received
When Mary Page Jones wrote her appeal seeking help sewing rag dolls for children in war zones (“Peacemakers with needles,” May, Active Voice), she hoped readers would volunteer.
Crisis in Health Care
Today, the Episcopal Church practices a wholistic approach in various ways. Many churches heavily emphasize parish nursing programs; dioceses initiate health ministries; church-related organizations advocate for the disabled, elderly and poor; conferences raise awareness about health issues; church representatives network with national health-care coalitions on behalf of members to help bring about health-care reform.
Dioceses Taking the Lead
While many churches tackle health-care issues individually, the dioceses of Idaho, Northern California, and Western Massachusetts have taken the lead in coordinating initiatives in parishes and dioceses by supporting parish nurses and congregational health ministries.
From Canines to Clinical Referrals
“Our strategies in health ministry are rejoicing, protecting and preserving God’s gift of health,” she says. “We feel an obligation to help people understand how to make lifestyle changes. "
Not Limited by Size or Budget
As parish nurse, she got “very close to the people that I did parish nursing with,” she said.  “We worked to make people whole in body, mind and spirit.”
A New Tool for Teaching About the Church
“We believe it’s a springboard to say, ‘Yippee! We’re not the church of the past, but of the present.’”
Maintaining 'Contact'
We get so many calls on the crisis line from older people who are depressed and lonely and who don’t have anyone to speak to all day long. 
$29.9 Million Renovation Unavoidable
An extensive $29.9 million renovation to the 11-story Episcopal Church Center in New York that houses the staff of the national church, a bookstore, chapel and a half-dozen related agencies was approved by Executive Council, meeting in Burlington, Vt., June 11-14.
Church Agency Aids Flood Victims
Haitians and their neighbors in the Dominican Republic continue to contend with the aftermath of torrential rains and floods in early June in which 3,000 people were reported dead or missing.
Provocateur responses Kids in church
Editor’s note:  More than 30 readers responded to Provocateur columnist Doris Niemann’s question posed in May: “Should congregations insist on better manners from children attending services?” A selection of those responses appear here. More will be posted on Episcopal Life’s webpage. We welcome your suggestions for future Provocateur columns. Write to Episcopal Life (address, page 2) or e-mail
Letters to the Editor
Episcopal Life welcomes letters and will give preference to those in response to stories. Letters should be no longer than 250 words and must include the writer’s name, address, phone number for verification.
A Word to the Church
From the Presiding Bishop