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Church can be 'cool'
WHEN A COUPLE in their mid-30s approached the Rev. Karen Ward after a service at Church of the Apostles and said they were seekers, Ward immediately wrote them a list of three other area churches to investigate.
I'm not Ok, you're not OK
I LIKE TO READ articles by friends on the Episcopal left. Sometimes it’s a spiritual discipline, a way of reminding myself that I don’t know anybody nearly as well as I’d like to think I do. Sometimes I discover a flash of humor, vulnerability or insight. And sometimes it’s a form of penance for my own journalistic sins.
Show us the money
IT WAS A dramatic moment, a year ago, when President Bush turned in his State of the Union address to the global AIDS pandemic and pledged $15 billion over five years. And when, in May 2003, the president signed the United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act into law, he seemed to be honoring the pledge.
What a message we send!
WE WHO ARE the church are probably guilty of sending many mixed messages to the larger culture and to our own community. But there is one message that particularly weighs on my mind these days.
A brand-new Web welcome to the Episcopal Church
EARLY IN FEBRUARY, after almost two years of planning, designing, programming, writing, editing and linking, the newly-designedweb site of the Episcopal Church was launched for the world to see.
Access to resources made easier
WHEN PEOPLE GO to our familiar web address — — they will encounter a new look. More than that, they will experience a new system, called a “content management system,” which should make it much easier to access resources.
Critiquing the new web site
Seeker elements, variety of resources praised
Bridging the distance
JUDY FOX’S MOTHER killed herself when Fox was 7 weeks old. Another woman cared for her until she was 3. As Fox grew up, every time she heard a voice that resembled her caretaker’s, she was overcome with a haunting, intense longing.
Spanning cultural divides
“IT FEELS LIKE church used to feel,” a woman exclaimed, caught up in the spirit of community in the chandeliered banquet hall, filled with children dancing, traditional music, fellowship and friends. “This is really fun.”
New Funding goals set
A RECONSTITUTED, RENEWED board of directors of the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem at its annual meeting in January set a goal of $200,000 for grants this year to support mission projects in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Jerusalem and areas under the governing Palestinian National Authority.
Work slightly curtailed
RESPONDING TO a reduction in diocesan financial support to the budget set by last year’s General Convention, Executive Council in February revised a budget for 2004 that reflects a 4 percent overall cut in expenses.
Contemporary view of Passion
THE FIRST STATION of the Cross: Jesus is Condemned to Die.” Thomas Faulkner said these words as if leading a Good Friday liturgy for a small congregation in one of the vast, old New York churches he served for many years.
Letters to the Editor
Manna surrounds us:
Wilderness is a theme of the Lenten season, and a symbol of the in-between place in which we find ourselves from time to time: a place between endings and beginnings, between the shift in consciousness which shatters an old pattern and the emergence of a new way of perceiving and being. Lent can take us to the wilderness and remind us that our lives are made up of multiple moments of leaving and arriving, of yearning and fulfillment, of losing and finding, of dying and rising.