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'We Need You'
“HAITI IS NOT POOR,” declared the Rev. Octave LaFontant as he sat in the bishop’s office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, before two dozen church leaders and a visitor from the United States.
A blooming ministry
TO THE WOMEN and men who arrange flowers for church altars each week, it’s not just a task. It’s a gift, of their creative talents and of the beauty of God’s world.
A grown-up movie
“IT’S A MOVIE made by grown-ups, for grown-ups,” said Pierce Brosnan, the co-star and executive producer of the romantic comedy Laws of Attraction, in an interview with Julianne Moore and Director Peter Howitt at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel before the film’s April 30 opening.
An old English tradition
National cathedral offers flower seminar
Comedy looks at perils of "I do"
WHO KNEW THAT divorce-lawyers-in-love could produce such a delightful, thoughtful film as Laws of Attraction -- with a pro-marriage, pro-commitment message no less?
An unusual beginning
THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH of Haiti began in a way unlike any other church in the Anglican Communion.  Never was it a church of expatriots, either British or American. It’s been Haitian from its beginnings in 1863. The details of the church’s founding and growth are a source of great pride to its members.
Development aid needed
Church can make a difference in rebuildin Haiti
Bishop Zaché Duracin released a statement to the nation shortly after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide left Haiti. As the leader of the one of the strongest institutions in Haiti – The Episcopal Church – his voice can make a difference.
Sees education as key to rebuilding
THE REV. MacDONALD JEAN, senior priest in the Episcopal Church of Haiti and a member of the Conseil des Sages (Council of Wise Ones) that selected the new interim government of Haiti, spoke of politics, hope and gratitude during an interview with Nan Cobbey in Port-au-Prince.
Violence, food shortages, school closures
WITH TRAVEL DIFFICULT at best, life-threatening at worst, two dozen priests and lay leaders came to the diocesan office in Petionville in March to tell their stories. Others, including the vice rector of the Episcopal University of Haiti, the directors of St. Vincent’s School for the Handicapped, Holy Trinity Music School and Holy Cross Hospital in Leogane, the sisters of the Society of St. Margaret and Bishop Zaché Duracin, also shared their concerns during on-site visits.
LOTS of love
I RODE THE well-used elevator down one floor to the basement of Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church in midtown Houston, accompanied by several people who had slept in a park the night before. We smelled the coffee as soon as the doors opened and, after filling Styrofoam cups, walked down the hall to Bible study together....
Strife continues in Dafur
EPISCOPAL PARISHES AND dioceses with mission work in Sudan, or those who have a ministry to young Sudanese in the United States, listened to harrowing reports of conditions in that African country during a visit to New York by the Sudanese primate and his provincial officer in late March.
All is interconnected
MORE THAN 400 Episcopalians from throughout New England recently gathered in Westborough, Mass., to enrich their understanding and experience of stewardship, evangelism and parish development.
Announcement follows bishop’s speech
The world’s third largest oil company and fifth largest corporation has said it has no future plans to drill in the Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Recovering from hurricanes
A PROGRAM BORN out of tragedy has offered new life and new homes to almost 100 family members who lost all their possessions in hurricanes that battered Belize, a Central American country bordering the Caribbean Sea between Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.
Letters to the Editor
Episcopal Life welcomes letters and will give preference to those in response to stories. Letters should be no longer than 250 words and must include the writer’s name, address, phone number for verification.
Peacemakers with needles
IN WAR, CHILDREN suffer.  They are the “collateral damage” politicians refer to when they dismiss civilian deaths in armed conflicts. Rag Dolls 2 Love Inc. was started to put a soft cloth doll in the hands of children under six in countries ravaged by war. 
Great Idea: Sponsoring language immersion for Haitians
This summer, students from the University of the Episcopal Church of Haiti will be living out a great idea thanks to the Diocese of Lexington. It's an idea other friends of the church in Haiti might want to copy.
Withholding judgment
IT CAN BE such a shock to discover that the church is full of sinners. Which of us has not sat and listened to the story of hurt and disappointment told by a refugee from the parish down the road, someone who has suffered slight or insult from a fellow parishioner or from the clergy?
Meeting Mary
In the Catholic tradition... Mary is a living and familiar presence whose solicitude and motherly love are always available.  At the same time, for many Christians, Mary remains fixed in the past in the pages of the Bible. For me Mary is both integral to the biblical narrative, and fully present to us today in the communion of saints.