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Of horrors and heroes
About 10, we noticed staff running away from the beach as if something was chasing them.  Then we saw the water rising.  It wasn't as much a wave as a very rapid swell. The water rose 15 feet in as many seconds.
Groundswell of support
The groundswell of financial support from parishes has been generous. One parish, All Saints’ in Pasadena, Calif., announced a $167,000 donation in the first weeks and later doubled that amount.
Hailing an Anglican 'lion'
Despite the recent peace between the key Southern army and the Khartoum government, conflicts continue. At several points the Marshalls were guarded by detachments of Sudan People’s Liberation Army troops because rebel sub-groups were fighting a few miles away.
George Packard elected
Bishop George Packard, the Episcopal Church’s suffragan bishop for chaplaincies, was elected chair of the executive committee of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Services at its annual conference in Alexandria, Va.
In the shadow of death
Fifteen feet away, someone, now thought to be a suicide bomber, detonated an explosion that killed 22 people -- 12 of them U.S. soldiers -- and wounded 69. Sivret, rector of two small congregations in Washington County -- Christ Church, Eastport, and St. Anne’s, Calais -- was chaplain to the outfit that arrived in Iraq last March.
'A Word to the Church'
We seek together the epiphany of Christ's reconciling love for the world, which lies at the heart of the mission we share. It is our prayer that along with Anglican Christians around the world we may be faithful to God's mission.
Two churches, one mission
Supported by social service agencies in Chicago, Rev. Narciso Diaz has developed activities with other church youth groups and is helping gang members’ parents regain the control and authority they had before leaving their homes in Latin America for the United States.
Ministering in tsunami's aftermath
Not many here knew what a tsunami was or what its warning signs were but became wary when the sea receded quickly.  Most were alarmed enough that they ran away from the beach at that point, but many ran toward the beach, trying to figure out what they were witnessing.
Women's 'faith in action'
About 35 women, representing more than one-half of the Anglican Communion’s provinces, are expected for the two-week conference. Thirty others from the United States and Canada will join them.
Since you asked...
William Wunsch, organist and choirmaster at St. Nicholas Church in Encino, Calif., who also serves as the editor of The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians and was the editor of Wonder, Love, and Praise a supplement to The Hymnal 1982, responds:
A final work of art
When members of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church on Whidbey Island in the Diocese of Olympia observed Lent last year, they followed the Way of the Cross each Friday, praying before newly installed and blessed Stations of the Cross created from sheet metal by a retired carpenter from Texas.
‘Groundwork’ evangelism
A collection of new teaching resources for use in Lent and Eastertide was mailed to all Episcopal congregations in January. It includes articles designed to help enhance local church hospitality and evangelism in preparation for a late-summer and fall national advertising campaign.
Explore new territory in Lent
It will be here before some have put away all of their Christmas decorations and certainly before everyone has tidied up from their Super Bowl parties. Ash Wednesday is Feb. 9.
Serving the helpless
That calls rather for the ordinand “to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick and the lonely,” to “interpret to the Church the needs, concerns and hopes of the world,” and to “show Christ’s people that in serving the helpless they are serving Christ himself.”
Parsing anti-Semitism
People of goodwill in both the Israeli Jewish community and the Palestinian community are working for a just resolution to the conflict, and the Episcopal Church is doing all it can to be a faithful partner in the process. 
The fast I choose
In one of the lessons appointed for Ash Wednesday, we are told by the Lord, speaking through the prophet Isaiah, “Look, you serve your own interests on your fast day … Is this not the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of injustice, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free and to break every yoke?”
Letters to the Editor
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