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Dealing with final wishes
Like many people, the Rev. Nick Knisely, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bethlehem, Pa., followed the Terri Schiavo case closely last spring. As a member of the clergy, he often helps families facing end-of-life issues.
Morality and medicine
The tragic case of Terri Schiavo has led many of us to ask whether, if we were in a “persistent vegetative state,” our families would be morally obliged to keep us alive by means of a feeding tube.
The church’s young face
Meeting at a Berea College at the foot of the Kentucky Appalachians, the teens worshiped, sang, played and listened intently to speakers with challenging messages. They chose from dozens of workshops on topics ranging from “identifying your spiritual gifts” to “living in nontraditional families.”
Evangelizing Generation X
Designed for a target audience of Generation Xers unaffiliated with any church, the new 30-second ad is currently airing on national television in English and Spanish until Sept. 12. A second ad has been produced to air next May. Air time also is planned for overseas dioceses.
Black Anglicans gather in Toronto
Diverse in their languages, yet united by faith, more than 270 bishops, clergy and laity met in Toronto in late July for an international conference on Afro-Anglicanism.
Kids and consumerism
Speeches from experienced financial advisers, family-life experts, consumer-alert advocates and stewardship leaders from other denominations left a clear message: Churches provide little support to help beleaguered parents counteract a culture in which consumer advertising reinforces a message to children that says, “It’s all about me.”
Since you asked...
Malaika Kamunanwire, director of development and public relations for Episcopal Relief and Development, and JoAnne Chapman, UTO coordinator, respond:
Getting a kick out of church
The Rev. David Baumann, rector since 1978, is a third-degree black belt and is sensei, or principal instructor, for about 63 students enrolled in Blessed Sacrament’s Ai-Ten Ryu or “Love of Heaven” martial arts school.
Awash in newcomers
Hmong people, who came originally from the borders of Laos and Cambodia, arrived in Minnesota after the Vietnam War. Their culture is now a blend of languages and cultural traditions. St. Paul’s has 25,000 Hmong residents, according to the 2000 United States Census, although Minnesota officials estimate their number at around 60,000.
Scuplting a tribute
John Collier of Dallas was selected from among 30 artists who made proposals to create the 9/11 memorial at St. Joseph’s Chapel next to Ground Zero.
Roots of healing
Tobin, who has been creating art since he was 13, described the response of St. Paul’s to the disaster as “the only uplifting story” surrounding the terrorist attacks.
Onward, moderate Christian soldiers
In recent years, conservative Christians have presented themselves as representing the one authentic Christian perspective on politics. With due respect for our conservative friends, equally devout Christians come to very different conclusions.
Church shopping
How is the stranger welcomed in your diocese?  Does your parish have a Greeters Ministry -- a core of parishioners who extend their ministry from the front door before each service begins, after services and during coffee hour? We all know how guests can become lost in a crowded narthex or unnoticed as parishioners visit in closed circles of conversation.
Agreement not necessary
True reconciliation has very little to do with whether we agree or disagree.  It has everything to do with whether we truly wish to discern the presence of Christ in one another below or beyond our divisions and varying opinions.
Letters to the Editor
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Your comments on End of Life
Editor’s note: In April, just after Terri Schiavo’s death, Episcopal News Service issued a “Call for Comment” about end-of-life issues. Below are some of those comments.