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Turning a corner
“Today as we look back, we must also look forward,” said the Rev. Edward O’Connor in his homily to the congregation of St. Peter’s by the Sea, Gulfport, Miss., one of six coastal churches destroyed by Katrina.
Controlling malaria
For three days in late August, South African Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane visited Mozambique to lead the distribution of 16,500 mosquito nets treated with a long-lasting insecticide.
Webcast event
New York’s Trinity Church, Wall Street, and the Diocese of Texas are partnering to produce a live interactive webcast on Oct. 28 that will teach Episcopalians how to talk about their faith at work.
A most unusual school
Epiphany, with 80 fifth- to eighth-graders, runs nearly 12 hours a day, 11 months a year with one mission: to give students who otherwise would be in public schools what public schools don't. While public schools, operating with less and less money, are limiting extracurricular activities and accepting that they cannot act as social agencies, the Epiphany School says it works because it does.
Worship without walls
Three blocks from The White House in Franklin Square Park, the Rev. Anne-Marie Jeffery lifts a folding table from a small cart, sets out a woven basket of sandwich bread and a plastic bottle of grape juice and opens her arms wide. It’s lunch hour in downtown D.C., and women in sunglasses and summer skirts sip bottled water under the trees, while businessmen with Blackberrys share benches with the destitute.
For the birds
It's a mystery most fowl. Someone has been abandoning roosters and chickens at the Episcopal Church of St. Andrew on Staten Island. “We have this reputation as being pet-friendly," said the Rev. Michael Delaney, the church's pastor. "But we really need people to stop doing this."
Spirituality in stitchery
Like other creative pastimes, quilting, knitting and similar pursuits draw from a rich mythology and offer multiple possibilities for individual and group projects.
Warming gift
While hundreds packed souvenir coffee mugs, books, aprons and “Come and Grow” watering cans into their luggage as they left June’s General Convention, the Rev. Barbara Schlachter took with her something much more precious.
An achievable goal
The fight against global poverty can be won.  The MDGs see partnership between nations like the United States and the poorest countries in the world as critical.
The price of compromise
In a public moment in which the Vatican is trying its best to restrict the use of contraception, religious extremism is the face of increasing violence around the world, the Republican Party throws around Christian language recklessly to defend hate and the Democrats quote Scripture awkwardly to claim faith, the Episcopal Church seems to some a compassionate and sensible religious voice.
Part of God’s flock
If nobody besides me had remembered Uncle Glen’s birthday before I left home, there was no possibility that anyone in New Orleans would. I wanted to grab strangers to tell them what day it was -- I just wanted someone to know.
More than a garden statue
As expressive of the compassionate spirit of St. Francis as such occasions are, they don’t do him justice.  It is insufficient for him to be remembered solely in terms of his love for creation and revered in the form of a garden statue adorned with birds and rabbits.  Francis is more properly remembered as a witness to the transformative power of the gospel.
Letters to the Editor
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