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He Has the Whole
World in His Hands:

By Anne Mimi Sammis

Beijing and Beyond
-- Ongoing work of women in the Anglican Communion

Anglican Women's Participation in Beijing and Beyond



 More than 50 Anglican women were present in Beijing in 1995 for the NGO workshops and meetings during the Fourth World Conference on Women.  We rejoiced in the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action.   We saw that historic document and its preamble as a blueprint for women’s rights in and for the 21st century.  In addition to their daily prayers in the Peace Tent, one significant impact of these women of faith on the Beijing Conference was the acceptance of spirituality in the platform as an integral part of human nature

Anglican women were also participants in Beijing +5. Our presence and programs demonstrated the liberating force religion can provide in women’s lives, negating the use of religion as a tool for women’s oppression, especially as it is manifested in domestic violence and patriarchal control.  Starting in 2002, the Anglican Consultative Council has had representation during the annual Commission on the Status of Women meetings.

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