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He Has the Whole
World in His Hands:

By Anne Mimi Sammis

Women's Global Education

As part of AWE’s ongoing commitment to become a learning community itself while also expanding  this community beyond the borders of any one particular country, we will endeavor in these pages to offer resources that will help us educate ourselves and others to the issues and work of the MDG’s and the BPfA that affect women.

Please send us your articles, speeches, and conference notes so we may all become more knowledgeable about world wide issues.

Rosemary Williams is the founder and director of Women’s Perspective, a non-profit educational organization that conducts workshops and retreats for corporations, universities and churches around the world. She is an ordained interfaith minister, a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, and the Estate Planning Council of Fairfield County. She is also the author of A Woman’s Book of Money & Spiritual Vision: Putting Your Spiritual Values in to Financial Practice, (2004, Inner Ocean)  More

Maylin Biggadike, who has a Master’s in Economics, a Master’s in Theology and a Ph.D. in Christian Social Ethics, spoke to us about Women and Economic Development on Tuesday, May 15th. She focused on the issues of women and poverty, especially about the distribution of wealth and economic assistance – and whether there is gender equity in these areas. The quick answer: no. AWE’s immediate task: what do we want to do to address the problem.  More

Kirsten Laursen, Senior Program Director for Asia and New Initiatives at Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD), told us about the various kinds of projects ERD funds on Thursday, April 19.  First she explained that ERD used to be the Presiding Bishop’s Fund for World Relief, but in 2003 it became a separate 501C3.  There is an independent Board, with the Presiding Bishop as Chair.  They have funded projects in over 100 countries and concentrate in three major areas: food security, primary health and emergency relief.  More

Ms. Carolyn Hannan was appointed as Director of the Division for the Advancement of Women from 1 December, 2001. Ms Hannan is a Swedish National. She was formerly the Senior Policy Advisor on Gender Equality in the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (1992-1998) and the Chair of the OECD/DAC Working Party on Gender Equality (1995-1997). During the 1990s Ms Hannan was also part of a national gender mainstreaming advisory group in Sweden. More recently, Ms Hannan worked for two years as the Principal Officer for Gender Mainstreaming in the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues at the United Nations in New York. In this context she provided advice and support and monitored progress in gender mainstreaming throughout the United Nations.  More

Michaela Walsh, the Founder of Women’s World Banking and current Director of Women and Community Leadership at Manhattanville College, spoke to AWE on December 14th. She had just come back from attending the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Olso, invited by the Norwegian government because of her pioneering work in micro-lending.  More

Phoebe Griswold spoke on Women's Spirituality at our AWE meeting on October 19. She said this is the defining difference in Women's theology: there is no hierarchy of people who know about spirituality, because it is based on what each individual knows, not on what the church says. We find out who is God by asking: What is a loving relationship? What works for a family? What is healthy and life-giving, and what isn't? In addition, to explore our own spirituality as women, Phoebe encouraged us to look into three areas:  experience, story and voice.  More

Clare Nolan is a longtime member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, an international congregation whose mission is one of reconciliation, particularly in its orientation toward girls and women..  The Sisters of the Good Shepherd sponsor direct social service projects in over 60 countries, including the regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Since 1999 she has served as the Congregation's NGO Representative at the United Nations.  Good Shepherd NGO work focuses on gender justice, girls' rights, and economic justice.  Clare holds a Masters Degree in Social Work as well as a Certificate in International Affairs, both from NYU.  More