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He Has the Whole
World in His Hands:

By Anne Mimi Sammis

Girls at the 51st UNCSW

In recognition of the 2007 theme of this UNCSW, “The elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against the girl child”, Anglican Womens Empowerment announces a new Global Fund For Girls.
This fund will be used to support work and projects around the Anglican Communion which will enable girls 8-18 to have a better life. Whether the issue is rape, genital mutilation, trafficking, child marriage, domestic abuse, disease or war, girl children are less likely than boys to survive into adulthood and those who do are affected by these adverse conditions and practices for their entire lives.
As a faith based community, we add our support, our ideas, our time and treasure to the world wide movement to end violence and discrimination against all our girls.

To make a donation to the fund, make checks payable to DFMS and put girls fund in the memo line. Checks can be sent to Kim Robey, The Episcopal Church Center, 815 Second Ave., NYC 10017.


Video: Girls Claiming in the Future

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Joint Statement of the Provincial Girl Delegates at the UNCSW to the Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council
We are a group of girl delegates aged 13 to 18 from around the world, including the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, India and Kenya who have been invited to participate in UNCSW51.  It is a pity that we did not get the chance to meet our sister from Burundi due to her visa problem. 

The AWE Girl Delegate Journal
Welcome to this United Nations experience. We thank you for coming ...and want to get to know you. This is a significant event in your life and you are in the midst of an outstanding group of women who have attended past CSW sessions & will attend future ones. We ask you to spend time thinking about everything you encounter.

Listening: Anglican girls ask Communion to raise every community's awareness of their concerns
(3/5/2007) A group of Anglican girl delegates to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 2007 (UNCSW) issued a statement March 3 asking the Anglican Communion to "raise every community's awareness" about women's and girls' issues and to "continue to touch the lives of the unfortunate ones in the world."

Anglican girls seek empowerment through radio
(3/2/2007) Five Anglican women and girl delegates to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), currently meeting in New York City, took time from their busy schedules on the morning of March 2 to be interviewed on an internet radio program reaching two million listeners.