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ECW logo artist gives voice to design

By Maggie Williams
[Triennial Today] 

In the fall of 2001, Nancy Denmark was one of several artists invited to submit a design to be considered for use as the official logo for the ECW Triennial Meeting 2003.

Denmark, a native Texan and Christian jewelry artist for more than 15 years, said that, despite a really hectic schedule at the time, “I felt called to somehow fit this in. I had a sense that I was supposed to do it.”

The design she submitted ultimately became the Triennial Meeting 2003 logo because the combined pattern and words Denmark chose to describe her submission fit perfectly with what the ECW National Board and its Worship Committee had in mind, said Patty Brooke, committee chair.

“Nancy is known for her designs and jewelry,” Brooke said. “[Worship Committee members] felt her design portrayed very well the new image of ECW: very feminine, wanting to make a difference.”

Denmark said she has always believed art is communication. “I aim to communicate a thought or tell a story with each design,” she said. “I usually combine symbols to achieve that goal.”

Denmark started the process of creating the Triennial Meeting logo with the phrase “A New Light Is Shining” as her only guide. She said she knew she wanted to “incorporate a woman and a shining light” in the design. The final product was the result of what Denmark called “an evolutionary process” that involved meditation, study and “doodling and making notes.”

“In the discernment stages of deciding what to include and exclude, it became very important for me to communicate that the source of the light was from Christ, not the woman, as He is the prism for the light that shines in each of us,” Denmark said. “As the drawing took life, I began to refer to what had been ‘it,’ as ‘she.’ When I reached the final stage of discernment, knowing ‘she’ was complete, I felt compelled to offer her story in words to accompany the drawing.”

She described her design in these words: “She’s a woman in action, moving out into the world with a mission. The light of Christ illuminates her path. Her arms lift joyfully, inviting others in a call to action. The olive branch draped across her chest urges us to carry on Christ’s reconciliation in the world. ECW glows in the Christ light.”

The combined drawing and story won Worship Committee approval for Denmark’s design, Brooke said. “The Worship Committee was very taken with the design and ‘Her Story.’ It seemed to fit so well — and the board agreed.”

The logo is available on items ranging from t-shirts to book bags available for sale in the ECW booth in the General Convention Exhibit Hall. Denmark also has a jewelry booth in the exhibit hall. She said she will donate 10 percent of any logo jewelry sales from her booth to the ECW.