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Committee on the Status of Women panel stresses equality

By Alice Medcof
[Triennial Today]  It is possible for men and women to become the true counterparts God intended them to be, a panel affiliated with the Committee on the Status of Women told those gathered for their convention luncheon Friday.

The discussion, sponsored by CSW and centered on the topic “Women, Power, Authority,” was conducted by the Rt. Rev. Jane Holmes Dixon, bishop suffragan (retired); Diane B. Pollard, CSW executive committee member; the Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Cleveland cathedral dean; and Sally Bucklee, CSW president and panel moderator.

Panelists discussed traditional and nontraditional roles for women in the world today and stressed that women’s struggles for equality must never be forgotten. They also said those who hold power have the ability to effect changeor to keep things the same.

Despite progress, the panelists agreed women cannot “go it alone” in the world today. Women still need financial and emotional backing of those surrounding them, they said. And, the panelists said, women who have achieved status should use their power wisely. They offered the following points:

  • Remember where you came from and whom you represent.
  • Never lose touch with the edge.
  • Keep up with the caucuses and advocacy groups.
  • Change the church from within.
  • Be mndful that other people's sturggles got you there.
  • Never become arrogant.
  • Keep up the vision.
  • Do not despair because despair is never the place for a responsible Christian to be.
  • When you are rejected, do not take it personally: it's not about you, but about that which you represent.