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PB Nominating Committee to be selected Thursday

By Sarah T. Moore
[Episcopal News Service] 

The House of Deputies and House of Bishops will vote Thursday to choose members for the Joint Nominating Committee charged with presenting a slate of candidates for the position of Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, who will be elected at the 2006 General Convention.

Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold is entering the final three years of a nine-year term. The Joint Nominating Committee will essentially become a search committee to select a slate of episcopal candidates. The House of Bishops has the responsibility to elect the next Presiding Bishop with confirmation required from the House of Deputies at the 75th General Convention held in Columbus, Ohio, June 12-21.

The 29-member committee will comprise 18 representatives from the House of Deputies (one clergy and one lay person from each of the nine provinces) and nine bishops, one from each of the nine provinces. The House of Deputies President George Werner also will appoint two youth members between the ages of 16 and 21.

The church’s nine provinces held caucuses Monday afternoon in the Hyatt Hotel for about one hour to elect nominees for the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop.

Each diocese brought to the caucus the names of two clergy and two lay deputies chosen by their deputations as nominees for the Joint Nominating Committee. Nominations could have also come from the floor.

Deputies then voted to select the four deputies to represent them in the slate on the national committee. Only deputies registered the first day of convention were allowed to vote for the two clergy and two lay deputies from their province.

At the same time, bishops of each province caucused to select two of their members to be placed in nomination for the Joint Nominating Committee.

Names from the nine provinces, two clergy and two lay from each, comprised 36 nominees in the House of Deputies, and 18 bishops in the House of Bishops. Members will select two deputies (one clergy, one lay) from each of the nine provinces. Bishops will select one from each province. Biographical sketches of all candidates will be distributed to deputies and bishops on Wednesday, Aug. 6.  Election of the Joint Nominating Committee will be held in each house Thursday, Aug. 7, according to dispatch of business from the House of Deputies.