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From Columbus: Committee wants to question Beisner again

By Melodie Woerman

The Rev. Barry Beisner   
[Episcopal News Service]  The Joint Legislative Committee on Consecration of Bishops did not make a recommendation on consent to the election of the Rev. Barry Beisner as bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Northern California. 

After meeting for more than an hour June 15, the committee adjourned, announcing the next session at 7:30 a.m. June 16; Beisner has been asked to meet with them.

The committee heard testimony June 14 on Beisner’s election, including his statement, as well as from Northern California Bishop Jerry Lamb and others endorsing his election. The committee then asked questions of the bishop-elect. No one spoke in opposition to his consent.

In his remarks, Beisner spoke of what has become an issue after his election: the fact that he has been twice divorced and married three times. He said that it was not a concern during the election process but has been raised since by people outside the diocese.

The committee did not have time to deliberate after the June 14 hearing because of the start of the afternoon legislative sessions. Committee members have deliberated for no more than 15 minutes in closed session immediately after the hearing before announcing their vote in favor of each of the other five bishops-elect who must have the consent of Convention for each of their elections.

Beisner’s is the last election the committee is considering. Melodie Woerman