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May 2003 ENS Articles
Archive of Articles Published in May 2003
Liberian churches plead for American help as peace talks approach
Sydney to invite Anglican bishops to respond to plans for lay presidency
'Kirchentag' draws thousands of Christians to Berlin in sign of unity
Ransacked, penniless Anglican church in Baghdad struggles on
Catholic clerics pan possible separation of Hebrew and Arabic speakers
Christians urge Palestinian Authority not to make Islam official religion
Spirit and sustainability explored in ‘Enough for All' conference
Chane becomes National Cathedral's interim dean
Ecumenical Forum for Young Theologians set for September in Jerusalem
Zimbabwe's churches call for God's help to deal with crisis
Church of Scotland rejects union, will remain free of bishops
These shoes not made for selling, say Danish Christians
Reformed churches warn against 'wealth accumulation for the few'
US watchdog says religious freedom must be central to US-Saudi relations
Churches see hope in peace moves between India and Pakistan
Russian Orthodox play down reports of papal visit to return icon
Study finds coverage of religion in newspapers grows but is less accurate
Arab Christians urge Israeli compatriots to mend divisions
Episcopal Church's resolution on diversity defeated at stockholders meeting
Workshop on Christian Unity celebrates spirit of ecumenism
Canadian bishops endorse choice of episcopal visitor for New Westminster
Iraqi Christians worry about freedom of religion, rise of fundamentalism
GTS Inaugurates Tutu Peace Center and New Education Complex
400-year-old brew offers Polish monks secret of making real ale
Christian groups in India demand vote on quota for women in Parliament
Anglican brothers held hostage in Guadalcanal
Church leaders praise government move to repatriate Kenya's billions
Orthodox, Anglicans and Catholics seek dialogue with European Union
Major AIDS initiative launched in Southern Africa
Canadian Primate announces retirement
Episcopal Church commends ban on sale of conflict diamonds
Dorothee Soelle, the 'political conscience' of Protestantism, dies at 73
Romania's churches to honor Christians who died under Communism
Church taken during apartheid handed back 22 years later by NGK
Zurich Protestants beg forgiveness for persecuting Mennonites and Amish
Church blows up for the convenience of worshipers
Episcopal Church missionary describes mood in China as it faces health threat of SARS
NCC's Edgar doesn't regret his opposition to Iraq war
Lutherans and Anglicans pitch in together for Winnipeg assembly
Orthodox feud simmers over Holy Fire ceremony despite temporary accord
SARS Virus affecting churchgoers
Cuban church leaders react to criticism of government jailings and executions
Death and illness in Maine congregation due to arsenic poisoning