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February 2003 ENS Articles
Archive of Articles Published in February 2003
Mission is about justice and peacemaking, says Mideast church leader
American bishop urges prayers and aid for Iraqi Christians
Chorus of religious voices opposed to war with Iraq growing louder
ERD helping families impacted by World Trade Center disaster
Presiding bishop joins anniversary celebration at church in Key West, Florida
Chorus of religious voices opposed to war with Iraq growing louder
Believers worried new law could force churches to keep atheists on staff
Pennsylvania bishops urge funding for public schools
Israeli wall around Rachel's Tomb to divide Bethlehem
Mission conference in Cyprus explores transformation and tradition
Rowan Williams enthroned as 104th Archbishop of Canterbury
Sudan Council of Churches monitors future of the peace talks
Ugandan government apologizes for martyrdom of Archbishop Luwum
South African explores limits of remorse--and forgiveness
American bishop urges prayers and aid for Iraqi Christians
NCC delegation to Paris surprises many opposed to Iraq war
Williams' Canterbury enthronement first to be webcast
'We are all homeless': An interview with Bishop Geralyn Wolf
Jerusalem's Anglican bishop threatens to sue Israelis over church bombing
Row erupts as Zimbabwe church official censures pro-Mugabe bishop
European church leaders at emergency meeting reject war on Iraq
Workshop on writing icons offered this summer in Lexington
Initiative enables Church of England churches to rediscover community role
World Council of Churches, IMF and World Bank discuss development
Royal seal of approval awaits new female bishop in Norway
Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza facing humanitarian crisis
Peace still possible, says pope's envoy amid global anti-war protests
Nigeria's Christian and Muslim leaders call for peaceful elections
Genocide suspects want inquiry into Rwandan Anglican bishop's death
US Christian leaders take step towards new church alliance
Orthodox church leaders condemn UN peace proposals for Cyprus
Welsh Anglican Bishops issue statement on Iraq
Episcopal Divinity School offering peace pins with names of Iraqi children
Jerusalem's Anglican bishop threatens to sue Israelis over church bombing
Episcopalians join Mideast Interfaith Peace-builders Delegation
US group investigates religious liberty in Russia
African Church leaders share concerns on AIDS
Shadowy Mungiki is feared by Kenyan churches and government
Lutherans showing reluctance to discuss sexuality issues
Submission on humanitarian consequences of war against Iraq published
Alpha takes to the screen
Muslim group launches national ad campaign
Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance receives $1 million from Gates Foundation
Census shows that most Brits still identify with Christianity
US religious leaders want to meet Bush face-to-face to warn about war
Columbia tragedy evokes prayers, determination to persevere in Central Florida
TV spot features Methodist bishop questioning war on Iraq
Reformed leaders in Baghdad stand with ordinary Christians and Muslims
Church leaders meet Blair in third NCC-led peace delegation
Reconciliation in Canadian Diocese of New Westminster hits snag
Canadian Anglican dioceses approve agreement on residential schools lawsuits
Cyprus and the Gulf issue statement on Iraq
Columbia crew's faith and courage remembered at National Cathedral
Second team of ecumenical accompaniers going to Middle East
New England bishops call church to action in environmental crisis
Presiding bishop finds vital, growing church during pastoral visit to Dominican Republic
Trustees at General Seminary endorse strategies for the future
Archbishop of Canterbury reflective on eve of enthronement
Kenya's churches hope new commission will shed truth on past abuses
Anglican-Baptist conversations continue in Caribbean setting
Atlanta Covenant emerges from December Anglican Congress meeting
Sounds of Africa and Wales usher in new leader of Anglican communion
Church of Uganda commissions a $10 million project
Church activists welcome US Navy plan to leave Vieques
Mission is about justice and peacemaking, says Mideast church leader
Texas Episcopalians find themselves at center of Columbia tragedy
Meeting in the Dominican Republic influences decisions of Executive Council
New study questions policies on clergy salaries
Orthodox priests tackling problem of alcohol abuse in Alaska
Book examines statistics for Roman Catholic priesthood
Armed Forces bishop profiled on PBS show
Unusual sabbatical sends Rhode Island bishop to the streets to discover 'we are all homeless'
Training session reveals new look of Episcopal missionaries
Columbia astronaut Brown was Episcopalian
Domestic Missionary Partnership explores mission in small places
Archbishop's remarks on asylum spark controversy
Greek Orthodox in Jerusalem urged to pray with other Christians
Third Gray to be recognized as bishop of Mississippi