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December 2002 ENS Articles
Articles published in December 2002
St. Louis cathedral secretary stabbed, killed by homeless man
Israelis and Palestinians drift farther apart as peace process stalls
Central New York bishop opposed Vietnam war, supported women's ordination
Episcopalians join commission commemorating historic Brown decision
Don't scapegoat gay clergy, Charleston tells O'Reilly
Former seminary dean named interim dean in Paris
Seminary hosts missionary training for first time
Lilly Endowment awards $1.6 million grant to Chicago
Agreement allows church to serve society, Canadian primate says
Prominent lay leader John Cannon dies in Florida
New archbishop of Canterbury has rough ride on road to enthronement
Reasons for being Episcopalian fill website, new book
WCC publishes new edition of Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement
Call for ban on Muslim dress denounced by church leaders in Australia
Churches to launch global campaign on trade and human rights
Canadian churches hail patent ruling on genetically modified mouse
Scottish Episcopal Church launches ad campaign on meaning of Christmas
Anglican Congress meeting tests Atlanta hospitality
Atlanta meeting recalls birth of 'continuing Anglicanism' at St. Louis congress
Anglican Congress seeks convergence among conservatives
Episcopal institutions elect new leadership
Indian Christians pay tribute to pioneering Irish missionaries
Powell urges ambassadors to make AIDS a policy priority
Dutch theologians urging Protestants to share Eucharist with Catholics
Holloway of Scotland says church should ordain gays, lesbians and celibate women
Massachusetts bishops warn of increase in hate crimes because of Vatican's anti-gay statements
Mobile Outreach Clinic at Gaza hospital provides vital program
Sullivan shares with Executive Council seminary's reaction to report on potential church center move to GTS
Christmas message of Archbishop Rowan Williams
War could seriously disrupt relations between Christians and Muslims in Iraq
Swiss churches hail defeat of proposal to tighten asylum laws
Germany's Jewish community getting status equal to churches
Canadian church activists ambivalent about oil company's withdrawal from Sudan
Vancouver bishop agrees to delay rite for blessing same-sex relationships
Committee drafting agreement on move of church center to seminary campus reports it has encountered difficulties
Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops meet in Malta to discuss ways to promote a 'lived ecumenism'
Chicago religious leaders ask President Bush to give peace a chance
German bishops suggest Protestants form global alliance
Anglican-Roman Catholic consultation continues discussion of authority
Affirming Catholicism sets day of prayer and thanksgiving for new archbishop of Canterbury
New archbishop of Canterbury says Anglicans too interested in status
FBI says anti-Muslim hate crimes are up in the U.S.
Violence breaks out between Muslims and Christians in northern Nigeria