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November 2002 ENS Articles
Articles published in November 2002
Mexican covenant committee deals with misappropriation of funds
Episcopal school on West Bank buffeted by Mideast violence
Religious leaders a driving force behind campaign for fuel-efficient cars
National Council of Churches emerges from financial crisis, reaches out for new vision
Anglican Church of Canada and government ready to settle lawsuits
Meeting the troops: Bishop Packard visits armed forces in Asia and Kuwait
Archbishop in Zimbabwe calls on churches to pray for change
Conference on child abuse and neglect scheduled December 11 in Maryland
WCC delegation learns of pressure on Christians in Pakistan
South African leader urges churches to monitor African politicians
World Council announces plans for reorganization and staff cuts
Human rights organizations criticize Palestinians and Israelis for violence
Canadian priest resigns in protest over same sex blessings
Nigerian leader praises efforts towards reconciliation by victims
Global stock markets force churches to cut back on social projects
"Women of the Table" ECW video filming concluded
Harold Jones, first American Indian bishop, dies at 92
"Rejoice: we are God's vehicles"
Pioneering ecumenical declaration serving as benchmark for other churches
Lutherans seeking advice on authorizing lay ministry
Moravian-Episcopal dialogue discusses ministry at Wisconsin meeting
Religious groups ask consumers and automakers 'What would Jesus drive?'
Mayor says no to homeless camp at Episcopal church
Casual dress plan for Anglican vicars thrown out
Williams to be interim director of Ethnic Congregational Development
Print release for French liturgies coming in January
Italian Web site launches search to find 'Saint Internet'
Poverty is a problem of the rich, LWF South African meeting says
Nigerian Christian leaders call for return of late dictator's millions
Nigerian churches call contest 'indecent', beauty queens threaten boycott
One year after fall of Taliban, vigilance still needed in Afghanistan
Churches fear Indonesian fight against terror will make life difficult
Christians 'living in terror' in India's desert state, rights groups report
Terror and death at Moscow theatre leaves Orthodox leaders angry
Advocates gather to claim blessing rite for same-sex couples
Diocese of Massachusetts bids farewell to Barbara Harris
Carey dedicates Hispanic mission in Diocese of Chicago
White House AIDS chief addresses NEAC conference
Church World Service moves new Africa initiative forward
Support urged for aid to needy families
Frade protests treatment of Haitian migrants
'Firewall' resolution passes in Pittsburgh
El Cajon parish, mayor reach temporary compromise on homeless shelter
Black, Native American, Asian missioners leaving Church Center staff
'We are throwing people away,' Sister Prejean tells conference on prison ministry