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July 2002 ENS Articles
Articles published in July 2002
First ever Methodist-Episcopal dialogue meets in Atlanta
Pakistan church officials fear truth may never be known about massacre
Church leaders condemn military build-up in South Asia
Cremation of former archbishop's wife leads to debate in Kenyan church
Survey says business people prefer divine counsel over spouse, religious leaders
Interfaith 'open house' to commemorate September 11 anniversary
Civil rights martyr remembered with documentary video and special events
Conversation partners 'agree to disagree' on human sexuality
Rowan Williams of Wales appointed 104th archbishop of Canterbury
Archbishop of Canterbury makes historic first visit to Diocese of Texas
Interim headmistress chosen for Guam Episcopal school
Some footwear doesn't go with clerical robes, German pastors told
Church World Service prepares teachers of English for China
Church of England bishop calls for separation of church and state rites
Dissenting Canadian clergy asked to clarify their intentions
Archbishop Ndungane of Southern Africa warns against despair as AIDS crisis deepens
Archbishop of Canterbury commends interfaith relations
French Protestants enter 'new era of relations' with Taize Community
Church of England revises policy on marrying divorced members
Visit nurtures relationship between Episcopal Church and Russian Orthodox
ELCA Lutherans in New York grieve suspension of Missouri Synod colleague
Pakistani Christians denounce blasphemy laws as arbitrary
WCC's Raiser meets with Rwandan genocide suspects held in Tanzania
Rwandan archbishop offers encouragement, not oversight, to Canadian dissidents
Public confidence in American religious institutions tumbles
Bishop Riah of Jerusalem accuses Israel of fostering terrorism
Nigerian Archbishop Akinola seated on international throne of New York cathedral
British paper says Prime Minister will appoint Welsh leader to Canterbury
Russian Orthodox Church provides evidence of Roman Catholic 'proselytizing'
Papuan Christians fear onslaught from militants
Israel takes first step to restrict immigration of Christians
Lutheran leader in New York suspended for interfaith participation
Confirmation cards bring perks to teenagers at German church
Anglican Communion plans Congress to promote concern for global issues
Lutherans grant first exception to policy requiring ordination of clergy by bishops
Consultation on the future of Anglicanism blasts 'serious breach of order'
Archbishop's Christian-Muslim dialogue initiative to continue in Qatar
Church leaders try to stem EU abortion report controversy
English Anglicans and Methodists move closer to unity
Canadian church donors can now give with a click
WCC's Raiser tells Khartoum to end injustices
Fresh elections in Zimbabwe necessary, says Tutu
Carey suggests that Roman Catholics may ordain women in the future
Christians in Malaysia fear imposition of Islamic law
Lutherans using survey to determine who is attending church
Archbishop of Canterbury calls for restraint following decision to bless same-gender couples
European churches urged to scrutinize their investments
Russians return church windows taken during war to German church
Sullivan is candidate for bishop in the Diocese of Easton
Archbishop of Rwanda may offer 'ecclesiastical protection' to Canadian dissidents
Liberian refugees straining recovery efforts in war-damaged Sierra Leone
Interfaith consultation concludes religion must address issues of violence and peace
Australian survey shows decline in commitment to Christianity
Jerusalem 2000 campaign hopes to raise $2.5 million for work in Middle East