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February 2002 ENS Articles
Articles published in February 2002
Executive Council calls AMiA schismatic, 'untenable'
Domestic Missionary Partnership meeting seeks to ‘think outside the box’
Pollster asks: what needs to be done?
Religious revival on its way, Gallup says
Griswold joins 1,200 religious leaders calling for energy conservation
Executive Council task force visits three dioceses that do not ordain women priests
A progress report from the Presiding Bishop
Education program focuses on seeing the unseen and exploring hard questions
Episcopal bishop featured in previews of new TV version of 'The Protestant Hour'
New York PBS affiliate honors Phoebe Griswold for 'making a difference'
Borsch named interim dean of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale
Zimbabwe police arrest Anglican clergyman for public peace prayers
Washington office offers training for poverty activists
Urban Caucus joins joins labor demonstration during Los Angeles meeting
Desmond Tutu says racism is the ‘ultimate blasphemy’
Chinese Christians play a role in the nation's social vision
Ecumenical solidarity and action promised in Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Christians in northern Nigeria face growing hostility
Sudan's Supreme Court blocks execution of Christian woman
Peace and Justice networks meet together for overview of their ministries
Russian Orthodox Church deplores Vatican decision to form dioceses
20/20 Strategy Group moves beyond mere numbers
Teleconference will feature video with voices from Middle East
General Seminary trustees advance redevelopment project with national church
Life returning to St. John the Divine in New York City
Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey visits site of terrorist attacks in New York
Global leaders warned and encouraged by religious leaders at WEF
Flow of refugees to USA down to a trickle after terrorist attacks
Anglicans in Zimbabwe and Kenya address upcoming elections
Churches for Middle East Peace writes President Bush on Mideast peace
Carey travels to Denver for friend's installation as dean
Bush names new head of faith-based initiatives office
Archbishop of Canada to be chosen by e-mail
Church of England vicars underreporting attendance to avoid tax
Barriers break down during Griswold visit to Church in Nigeria