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January 2002 ENS Articles
Articles published in January 2002
Griswolds' Nigeria visit called 'incredible gift'
20/20 Strategy Group and Program Teams
20/20 teams gear up at Camp Allen
Hegg leaves legacy of advocacy to Church Pension Fund
Missionary sends urgent request for prayer in Madagascar political crisis
AMiA identity, procedures still in formation
AMiA 'under construction' during second winter conference
Conference offers different approaches to Holy Week liturgies
Pittsburgh crosses paths with Hollywood
Griswolds visit Nigeria, world's largest Anglican province
New partnership officer for Africa appointed
Anglican Theological Review appoints acting editor
National Episcopal Clergy Association board meets
'Sustained pastoral care' on agenda for March bishops' meeting
Archbishop of Canterbury hosts meeting of Muslim and Christian leaders
Churches Uniting in Christ is born with worship, anti-racism march
Sacred space: Chaplains talk about what changed on September 11
National Council and Sierra Club launch ad campaign on Alaskan drilling
Senator Danforth's peace mission to the Sudan runs into obstacles
Russian Church still not interested in papal visit
Poll of General Synod shows archbishop of Wales leading candidate to succeed Carey
Interfaith Coalition launches AIDS prevention program in South Africa
New Interfaith Electronic Climate Change Network is launched
Episcopalian included among winners of First Freedom Awards
Roman Catholic Church moves to deal with sexual abuse by priests
Lilly Endowment offering $25 million to support 'pastoral excellence'
Episcopal Church in Texas on list of Ten Sacred Places to Save
Israeli decision to halt work on Nazareth mosque faces challenge
Czech churches protest law they consider hostile to religion
Teleconference on Waging Reconciliation in the Holy Land scheduled for February 19
Canterbury after Carey: the possibilities
Retiring Carey an 'inestimable gift' to Anglicans around the world
Judge orders Morehead City property restored to Diocese of East Carolina
Griswold joins church leaders in welcoming Churches Uniting in Christ
Houston church responds to record layoffs at Enron
Scots appear to scuttle plans for a united church
Indian church leaders plead for dialogue to resolve tension with Pakistan
Israelis withdraw permission for mosque near Christian shrine in Nazareth
Good Friday offering destined for Jerusalem and the Middle East
Archbishop Peers says Canada forcing religion out of public life
Divinity school may have to return funds donated for chapel
Bishops in Church of England reveal their finances
Anglicans and Methodists in England launch plan for unity
Boston's Trinity Church begins renovations with drilling of geothermal wells
Archbishop of Canterbury to retire this year
Middle East Forum plans travel seminar for journalists to Jerusalem and the West Bank