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Church Center chapel receives banner commemorating terrorist attack on New York

By Clayton Morris
[Episcopal News Service]  The Chapel of Christ the Lord at the Episcopal Church Center in New York City has just received an offering from the Rev. Eliza Linley, a priest in the Diocese of California. She created a banner (see photo) which now hangs in the chapel as a powerful reminder of the profundity of the events of September 11 and their impact on our lives and future.

When asked what inspiration was behind this creation, she responded, 'I'd been feeling so useless in the wake of the disasters, as I know many of us have. I found myself just glued to CNN, unable to turn it off. I wanted to give something besides money and blood, and started to think about a memorial piece. The Church Center chapel just seemed like the right place. I wanted the work to be about the journey from despair to hope. But silk painting is a lyrical medium that doesn't lend itself to images of destruction. So I made a digital image from news photos and had it photo silk-screened onto white silk. I then hand painted the rest of the image with silk dyes and resist. The dyes are then set by steaming.'

The banner is titled 'Requiem' and this legend accompanies the work:

They are with us - leaves on the tree of life,

their souls are colors of an endless, varied tapestry,

each color vital to the whole,

each strand infinitely valued in the eyes of God.