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Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders pledge to work together

[Episcopal News Service]  A week after the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in New York, an Episcopal bishop joined a rabbi and a Muslim professor to express their 'common sorrow' that the attacks had 'extinguished the light of life' in too many 'beloved sons and daughters of Sarah and Abraham.'

In their joint statement published in the Washington Post on September 18, Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon, Rabbi Jack Moline of Alexandria (Virginia), and Abdul Aziz Said of American University said, 'The starts are suddenly too few and our world seems darker for it…. As the human family, and as people of faith, our sorrow is without bounds because we do not yet know the boundaries of our loss.' Yet the religious leaders said that 'as boundless as our sorrow may be, our love for the one God and for one another is even more expansive.'

The statement added, 'Together we pledge to be active witnesses in a shattered world to a God who wants us restored and whole… We promise to challenge every effort to demonize whole communities based on the outrageous acts of a few hate-consumed individuals.' Pointing to shared beliefs, 'especially the sanctity of all human life,' they said that they would 'honor the differences that have called us on separate paths to the same good destination where we are to do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God.'